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Speedy Tray Washing Machine For High-Volume Users

Responding to the requirements of food distributors that need to wash large volumes of the trays used to transport goods to retail outlets, Industrial Washing Machines (IWM), working in close co-operation with mechanical handling specialist Autarky Automation Limited, has developed a new, innovative and highly customisable range of tray washing solutions that can be supplied with automated tray handling equipment for the infeed and exit of the IWM Tray Washer.


Wash & Dry Up to 4000 Trays per Hour

At the heart of these solutions is IWM’s T4000 tray washer, which is capable of washing and drying up to 4,000 trays per hour. Developed with economy, efficiency and reliability in mind, the high-performance machines in this range can be customised to suit the user’s exact requirements, but typically offer a three-stage wash cycle plus air-blast drying.


Our Tray Washers Minimise Energy & Water Usage

In a three-stage T4000 machine, the trays receive a pre-wash to remove the majority of the soiling, followed by the main wash with detergent and hot water. The final wash stage is jetting with hot water to remove detergent residues. The water at this stage can be heated to 85 ºC to ensure sanitisation. At every stage, the water is re-circulated, after filtering to minimise energy and water usage without in any way compromising washing performance.

After the intensive three-stage washing process, the trays receive a fresh-water rinse and, according to user requirements, they can be dried rapidly and completely with an air-blast drying section.


Systems Designed to Suit Your Needs

Because manual handling of large volumes of trays is inconvenient and time consuming, IWM and Autarky offer customisation options that include infeed and outfeed conveyors, automatic tray de-nesters, and tray stackers. These elements can be arranged in almost any layout to make best use of the space available on site.


High Volume Tray Washer

So if your factory requires a solution for washing and sanitising high volumes of food-soiled trays, please get in touch with the expert team at IWM and discuss your specific requirements and productivity goals – and you won’t be disappointed!


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IWM launches new cabinet-style washing machines for transit containers

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has developed a new cabinet-style washing machine that can be readily customised to provide high-performance washing and, where necessary, sanitising for a wide variety of returnable transit containers, including wheelie bins, DOLAV pallet boxes, bins and bin lids. The new machines can be configured for applications in the food industry, and in other industry sectors including automotive manufacture.


Cabinet Washing Machines

Designed with efficiency and cost-effective operation in mind, the new cabinet washing machines feature robust, easy to clean construction and an intuitive operator interface. They are ideal for cleaning general residues from containers and can take two DOLAVs, two bins or four lids per cycle. The throughput is dependent on the degree and type of soiling but the machine is typically capable of achieving up to 20 cycles per hour.


cabinet washing machines


Minimised Energy Usage

Washing is accomplished by sustained jetting from rotating spray arms to ensure that all surfaces of the items to be washed are cleansed effectively. Supplied from a heated tank, the wash water is automatically dosed with detergent. To minimise water, detergent and energy usage, the wash water is re-circulated via an efficient suction filter system that protects the wash pump and prevents residues from being deposited in the wash system.


Digital Temperature Controller

Customers may specify either steam, electric or gas water heating but in either case a digital temperature controller ensures that the required wash and rinse temperatures are accurately maintained with minimum energy consumption. Detergent dosing is controlled by a conductivity-based chemical dosing unit that ensures accurate delivery and minimises wastage. For applications in the food sector where sanitising is required, the machines are fitted with a separate sanitiser dosing unit.


High-grade Stainless Steel

Like all IWM washing machines, the new cabinet washers for transit containers are constructed from high-grade stainless steel to ensure long life even in tough operating conditions. They have been designed to be easy to maintain and consumable spares such as filters are readily available.

To find out more about our range of cabinet washers please visit our website or give us a call on 0121 459 9511.

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Bin Washing Machines | Cleaning bins with a little less power!

For Industrial Washing Machines Limited (IWM) supplying bin washing machines is nothing new – the company is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of these products. But when it was asked by Eurotec Environmental to provide a bin washer for a hospital application where the capacity of the electrical supply was very limited, the design team at IWM had to do some careful thinking to devise a way of reducing the electrical loading of the machine without compromising its performance.

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IWM Birmingham | Everything is bigger and better for IWM!

In response to strong and sustained growth, Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has recently expanded its production facilities by an impressive 10,500 square feet (totalling now over 35,000 square feet and representing an increase by approximately 40%) and taken on six new members of staff. These developments will enable IWM to further enhance its design and manufacturing services for customers in all areas of the food and manufacturing industries.

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IWM’s P100 pallet washer is the salt of the earth

Single person operation and future expansion are among the key benefits of a new pallet washing system that has recently been supplied by Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) for use by Swiss company Schweizer Rheinsalinen, one of the largest salt producers in Europe. The new system delivers intensively cleaned pallets, which are dried with a high-efficiency single stage dryer, at a rate of up to 100 pallets per hour.

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P100 Pallet Washer

T2000 | IWM offers complete turnkey package for logistics sector

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has recently delivered a complete turnkey solution to PHS Teacrate in Durham after a major investment at the distribution centre. The T2000 washer/dryer system is ideal for logistics operations and, thanks to a state of the art monitoring system; it helps save energy, water and gas.

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