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IWM are delighted to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cleaning and sanitation equipment, including automatic keg washers, at Industrial Washing Machines.

Keeping a keg clean and sanitary with a system like an automatic keg cleaning system is critical for health and safety. Furthermore, clean kegs can considerably save waste. With the correct industrial keg cleaning equipment, you can ensure that the beer is of great quality and that wastage is kept to a minimum.

Cleaning beer kegs can be a lengthy procedure. At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd we know how important ease and efficiency are in the workplace. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to develop and create unrivalled products.

Keg Washer Suppliers

An automatic keg washer is specifically designed to keep your beer kegs clean and sanitary. We have a variety of keg cleaners at IWM Ltd. Additionally, we can get you through the cleaning process faster with our industrial keg washers, so you can get started on the next batch of beer sooner. As a result, productivity is maximised while health and safety standards are maintained at a high level.

Our exterior industrial keg washers have been skilfully designed and produced to fit as many applications as feasible. We can customise your system to match your specific needs. Whether you’re a little brewery or a large multinational distributor, your automatic keg washer will have everything you need.

IWM design and manufacture a wide range of external keg washers systems, to suit all applications.

We can offer a full package including;

  • Specialist filtration systems
  • High pressure label removal
  • Ink jet removal
  • In-line automatic handling systems

Industrial Washing Machines Supply These Keg Washers And Other Industrial Washers All Around The UK And The Rest Of The World.

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We specialise in the manufacturing of various types of industrial washing machines.

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