Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Supplier of Dairy Industry Cleaning Equipment

Industrial washers can help with hygiene cleaning and sanitisation of all types of equipment and machinery components that are widely in use in the dairy industry, such as milk, processed milk and cheese sectors.

As with the food industry in general, there is an ever changing market with regards to trends with health and diet, along with renewed packaging and distribution designs.

Satisfying Customer Requirements

IWM are at the forefront of supplying a wide range of dairy cleaning and sanitisation equipment across the global dairy industry. Consequently, satisfying our customers requirements with regards to flexibility, performance, reliability as well as, value for money.

Furthermore, our machines are the perfect solution for the cleaning of dairy equipment.

Dairy Hygiene Cleaning Equipment Solutions

Dairy Hygiene Cleaning Equipment Solutions:

Using IWM Equipment Vs Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning is time consuming and requires a lot of scrubbing/scouring and can also be inconsistent. So, the mechanics of IWM machinery work by utilising the appropriate flow motion (velocity), temperature, detergents and contact times. Moreover, the design of the pumps suit the relevant capacity to obtain a turbulent effect.

As a result, this ensures effective cleaning on the surface of containers/items. Tank cleaning requires large volumes of detergent, which must circulate rapidly and have balance with the right chemicals and flow. Therefore, IWM design team ensures a right fit machine to suit the customer’s needs.

It it vital to remove the dirt that is found on the surfaces of dairy equipment. It consists of deposits stuck to a surface and its composition. In the case of the dairy sector, milk components that are utilised by bacteria ‘hidden’ in the dirt. IWM systems adapt to achieve great cleaning and sanitation results. Specifically, the machinery covers dairy activities such as cleaning containers/storage for a wide range of products. For instance, pasteurised milk products, whey processing, ice cream, butter and dairy spreads, fermented milk products, long life milk products to name a few.

Whatever your need IWM will have a washing machine to suit.

tray washing equipment

Environmentally Friendly Contributions

Limiting waste, energy efficiency and environmental impact all contribute to significant changes in the use of reusable containers and packaging.

The dairy industry has to obtain a bacterially and physically clean process to a high standard. Consequently, this is undertaken by:-

  • Loosening of product residues by scraping, drainage and high pressure jetting system
  • Pre-rinsing with water to remove loose dirt / bulk debris to prevent further detergent wash and rinse systems from being unnecessary contaminations.
  • Cleaning with appropriate chemicals/detergent
  • Rinsing with clean water
  • Disinfection by heating or with chemical agents (optional); if this step is included, the cycle ends with a final rinse, if the water quality is good.

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