Industrial Hygiene Equipment: Tailored to Your Industry Needs

Industrial Hygiene Equipment

In the diverse and exacting arenas of industrial sectors, particularly where adherence to rigorous standards such as those in food processing is pivotal, Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) stands out as a beacon of expertise and compliance in the provision of comprehensive hygiene solutions.

Elevate Your Hygiene Standards with Specialised Equipment

Navigating through the complex operations of varied industries, our expansive range of hygiene equipment robustly meets and exceeds the meticulous demands of industries such as:

  • Food and drink production
  • Logistics
  • Waste handling
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Fish

We facilitate a one-stop shop of hygiene requisites, from boot washers, to lockers, diligently ensuring that our solutions seamlessly align with your operational needs.

  • Chemicals and Detergents:
    Specially formulated in collaboration with industry experts, our chemical range, inclusive of detergents, descalants, and disinfectants, effectively complement our washing and sanitising equipment.
  • Knife Sterilisers:
    Ranging from 3 to 60 knife capacities, our sterilisers employ various methods including heat, chemical, UV, and ozone sterilisation, ensuring stringent hygienic maintenance in food production settings.
  • Boot Washers:
    Offering from manual to advanced walk-through models, our boot and shoe washers/disinfection stations, equipped with multiple brushes and automatic chemical dispensing, cater to diverse needs.
  • Hand Sanitising/Disinfection:
    Designed to curtail contamination introduction, our hand sanitising stations implement forced procedures and access control systems to uphold hygiene in production areas.
  • Hand, Shoe and Boot Dryers:
    From hands and low-level boots to wellington boots and aprons, our drying solutions, such as boot drying racks, emanate hot ozonated air, ensuring quick, bacterial-reducing drying.
  • Cupboards and Lockers:
    Designed for industrial and washroom environments, our storage solutions provide organised and secure storage in varied areas, such as employee changing rooms and washrooms.

Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Hygiene

Our holistic approach towards providing hygiene solutions resonates through our detailed and customised offerings. Witness the depth of our commitment and capability first-hand at our fully-equipped demonstration area at our Birmingham headquarters, meticulously devised to mirror a typical high-care food industry washroom. All our machines, fulfilling a broad spectrum of food industry hygiene requirements, are fully operational and ready for demonstration at your convenience.


Expertise Across Various Industrial Sectors

Our prowess is not only limited to delivering unparalleled hygiene solutions. We also extend our design and manufacturing skills across various industries, providing a vast array of standard and bespoke washing equipment and hygiene solutions, including tray washers, rack washers, pallet washers, bin washers, weigh pan washers, and sanitisers. Our comprehensive service package assures that your washing and sanitising equipment is perpetually maintained at peak operating efficiency, covering all your machines, including non-IWM equipment.

Let’s Forge a Future of Flawless Industrial Hygiene Together

Should you have any questions about our products or find yourself in a dilemma over choosing the right machine or washer, do not hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you in identifying and employing solutions that enhance your operational hygiene and efficiency.

Contact Us Today at +44 (0) 121 459 9511 OR email us at to discover how we can elevate your hygiene standards and processes to new heights.


What industries do your hygiene solutions serve best?

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) provides hygiene solutions across a multitude of industries, with a special emphasis on the food processing sector where stringent standards and compliance are imperative. Our products ensure optimal hygiene regardless of the industrial context.

How does IWM ensure the efficacy of its chemicals and detergents?

At IWM, we pride ourselves on our scientifically formulated range of chemicals and detergents. Developed in partnership with industry specialists, our chemical offerings, including detergents, descalants, and disinfectants, are meticulously crafted to complement our washing and sanitising equipment, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene while being safe for use in various industrial applications.

How can I view a demonstration of IWM’s hygiene equipment?

You’re cordially invited to visit our comprehensive demonstration area at our headquarters in Birmingham, which has been thoughtfully constructed to emulate a high-care food industry washroom. Here, you can witness our fully operational machines in action and explore their capabilities in real-time. All our machines can be demonstrated at short notice. Contact us directly to schedule your personal demonstration.

What kinds of customisations are available for different hygiene equipment?

IWM offers a wide array of customisation options to ensure that our hygiene equipment integrates seamlessly into your operations. From varying capacities in knife sterilisers and diversified models of boot and shoe washers to specific operation modes in sinks and different storage options in cupboards and lockers, we aim to cater to the unique demands of your industry. Our expert team is on hand to consult and develop bespoke solutions that align with your specific requirements and operational nuances.

How does IWM’s hygiene equipment contribute to maintaining compliance in the food industry?

Our hygiene solutions, particularly essential in the food processing industry, are designed to uphold and exceed the rigorous standards and compliances of the sector. From reducing contamination through advanced hand sanitising stations and maintaining sterilisation of vital tools with our knife sterilisers, to ensuring thorough cleanliness of employee attire with our boot washers and drying solutions, every piece of IWM equipment plays a pivotal role in safeguarding against hygiene breaches and ensuring ongoing compliance within food industry regulations.

Is support available for the maintenance of IWM's washing and sanitising equipment?

Absolutely, IWM provides a comprehensive service package to ensure the consistent peak performance of your washing and sanitising equipment, vital for maintaining operational hygiene standards. This encompasses all your machines, including those not originally from IWM, assuring you of a singular, reliable point of contact for all your maintenance and servicing needs.

Feel free to reach out if additional questions or deeper insights into specific products and services are required.
Our team at IWM is always here to assist you in enhancing and safeguarding your industrial hygiene processes.

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