Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Supplier of Meat Industry Cleaning Solutions

From raw meat to food factories and everything in between. Industrial washing solutions need to meet the ever demanding Hygiene standards required in the meat market and suitable for removing all residues.

The meat industry often works with raw meat, and E. Coli or Salmonella are examples of bacteria that machines have to be designed to deal with whilst utilising the right chemicals and processes . The potential for cross contamination can be very real so processing equipment including crates, trays and other containers need to be cleaned to deal with controlling any hygiene problems as part of controlling critical risks and good industry practise.

A buoyant and specific area of the general food industry, meat is often distributed in bulk containers for further processing or packing and distribution. The containers used to distribute meat internally within food processing plants, or externally to different locations, are mostly re-usable plastic containers. Therefore, they need to be hygienically cleaned after use to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination. Our selection of meat processing plant cleaning equipment will allow you to do just that.

All equipment from IWM is high grade stainless steel which ensures long durability and length of service for IWM washing machinery. IWM offer full support and design services to ensure peace of mind solutions.

Due to the importance of hygiene in the food processing industry, meat processing equipment needs to be easy to clean and to maintain, following compliance to the highest hygiene standards. All of our meat processing washing equipment products minimize food contamination risk and conform to the Relevant industry and customers standards.

IWM equipment is digitally monitored with control panel operations. As with all IWM equipment we provide a wide range of custom food equipment solutions to meet the needs of food production.

Washing systems for meat production including meat moulds where residue is prominent, are designed to be flexible and fully automatic ensuring effective and thorough washing to suit technical and production requirements.

Meat Processing Plant Cleaning Solutions:

  • Tote and Box Washers
  • Dolav and bulk container washing machines
  • Pallet Washing systems
  • Crate Washers
  • Rack Washers
  • Meat mould washers
  • Sanitiser Tunnels

IWM also supply a full range of ancillary hygiene equipment, such as boot and sole washers, hand sanitising and access control systems, sinks and change room equipment.

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