Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Supplier of Logistics Industry Tray Washers

The logistics industry transports goods using a wide range of re-useable crates, pallets, bins and bulk containers to many of IWMs end users such as food companies or car producers.

These goods are either further processed or sorted, packed and further distributed to their final destination.


At any stage in the logistics industry, the re-usable items used to contain the goods can become contaminated. This could be anything from spilt food debris, general transport grime in the food industry or even oil and swarf deposits in the industrial sector.

Large supermarkets or equipment pooling providers (that rent out and manage these containers) often have the added service to wash these items at large distribution centres.

Cleaning technology in material handling projects enables us to provide our customers with high quality equipment, based on the most efficient and cost effective solutions. Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has a wide range of washing machines that can be readily customised to provide high-performance washing and, where necessary, sanitising for a wide variety of returnable transit containers, including wheelie bins, DOLAV pallet boxes, bins and bin lids. The machines can be configured for applications in the food industry, and in other industry sectors including automotive manufacture.

Washing is accomplished by sustained jetting from various jetting configurations to ensure that all surfaces of the items to be washed are cleansed effectively. Supplied from a heated tank, the wash water is automatically dosed with detergent. To minimise water, detergent and energy usage, the wash water is re-circulated via an efficient filter system that protects the wash pump and prevents residues from being deposited in the wash system.

Customers may specify either steam, electric or gas water heating but in either case a digital temperature controller ensures that the required wash and rinse temperatures are accurately maintained with minimum energy consumption. Detergent dosing is controlled by a conductivity-based chemical dosing unit that ensures accurate delivery and minimises wastage. For applications in the food sector where sanitising is required, the machines are fitted with a separate sanitiser dosing unit.

Like all IWM washing machines, IWM washers for transit containers are constructed robustly from high-grade stainless steel to ensure long life even in tough operating conditions. They have been designed to be easy to maintain and consumable spares such as filters are readily available.

The flow of goods whether B2B or B2C due to all the transit and storage operations can easily become dusty and dirty with a need to be sterilised. IWM have a range of machines variable in size and type that provide the corrective measures to ensure fully chemically cleaned equipment.

Reliable Machinery

IWM have a full range of machinery specifically designed for this industry sector. Robust, high throughput and reliable.

Washing Solution:

  • High Throughput crate washing and drying systems c/w automated handling systems
  • Pallet washers
  • Heavy duty bin washers, Bulk Container washing machines
  • Wheelie Bin Washers
  • Layer pad (Slip Sheet) washing machinery
  • High pressure label removal systems

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