We have a fully equipped and operational demonstration area at our central UK premises.

Our demonstration area has been constructed to represent a typical high care food industry washroom and is extensively equipped with machines capable of meeting almost every food industry hygiene requirement. All of the machines are fully operational and can be demonstrated at short notice.

Among the machines visitors to the demonstration area can examine and evaluate are a SAN100e free-standing sanitiser suitable for low- to high-care applications, a T800 high-care washer with blow dryer, an R20 cabinet-style rack washer, an EDI13 Cabinet utensil washer, an EC20 buggy washer and a dip tank jacuzzi unit. Visitors will also be able to visit the extensive IWM production facility, where at any one time there are 20-30 various pieces of washroom equipment under construction.

We are offering you the opportunity to bring soiled trays/baskets, racks, s/s Eurobins and utensils to see for yourselves just how quickly, easily and economically your items can be cleaned and sanitised by the latest products in our range.

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