Industrial Washing Systems

We’re a global supplier of industrial washing machines and sanitising equipment for industrial and commercial applications. In addition, we have a wide range of extensive knowledge of industrial washing systems & the industries that use them. Therefore, this has allowed us to establish ourselves as a trusted provider to companies around the world.

Furthermore, we’re committed to developing products that combine efficiency, high productivity and reliability.

Over 30 Years Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial washing systems and cleaning equipment to many companies. For instance, that includes businesses in the food, beverage, bakery, meat, pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics, waste handling, industrial and automotive sectors.

At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke washing equipment and solutions, including:


We offer a range of tray washers that start from a throughput of 50 trays per hour, up to 3,000.

Therefore, depending on the application, we have a wide selection of standard models to choose from. As well as tailored solutions if the standard models are not suitable. In addition, there are options from single person operation to double conveyorised lanes.


Our pallet washing machines are designed for plastic or aluminium pallets.

They can be tailored to combine pallet and tray washing. In addition, manual push through or automatic handling systems are available. As well as, a wide variety of washing and drying combinations.


Our bin washers have been specifically developed for use in food, hospital and waste treatment plants.

There is a full range of models to accommodate all sizes of the common wheelie bin. Additionally, multifunctional machines are also available for Vats, IBCs, Dolavs and other bulk containers.


Supplied globally, our keg washing systems suit all applications.

We offer a full package, that can include label removal, ink jet removal, specialist filtration systems and automatic handling systems.


Our range of rack washers offer a versatile, batch type rack washing system.

They can be pit or floor mounted. Furthermore, we pioneered the ‘sealed pit’ system for maximum hygiene. In addition, the operation can be single door for washing one rack at a time, or double door for straight through operations.


The design of cabinet washers was aimed at small batch washing in high-care environments.

Therefore, our cabinet washers are ideal for washing utensils, chopping boards, pans, change parts, mixing bowls and small batch food containers.


We offer conveyorised layer pad washers to wash on a continual basis.

This includes washing can pads, PET pads and glass pads. In addition, full drying is essential on these machines. Therefore, all our models come with high velocity air knife total drying.


Sanitisation equipment is paramount in many food and medical applications.

Our sanitisers either use heat or a chemical solution to disinfect equipment. Such as buckets, bins, bags, tubs, tins and trays. In addition, low-risk to high-care separation is available.


Our weigh pan washers are an ideal solution where regular weigh pan changeovers occur.

This is because they are small enough to sit on mezzanine floors next to the weigh scales. Additionally, they are also essential for eliminating cross-flavour contamination and food allergens.


Visit Our Demonstration Area and See for Yourself

We offer existing and potential customers the opportunity to bring soiled trays/baskets, racks, s/s Eurobins and utensils to our totally refurbished demonstration area at our Birmingham headquarters. Therefore, you can see for yourselves just how quickly, easily and economically these items can be cleaned and sanitised.

The new demo area has been constructed to represent a typical high care food industry washroom. It is extensively equipped with machines capable of meeting almost every food industry hygiene requirement.

All of the machines are fully operational and can be demonstrated at short notice. Contact us today to book your demonstration.


Hygiene Solutions

Alongside our washing and sanitising solutions, we also offer a range of hygiene solutions. Including boot washers, hand washers, hygiene stations and locker room equipment.

Furthermore, to compliment our washing and sanitising equipment, we offer a range of specially formulated chemicals. All of which were developed in partnership with industry specialists. In addition, include detergents, descale-ants and disinfectants.

Keeping your washing and sanitising equipment in good condition is vital to ensure that they maintain the highest operating efficiency.

We offer a full comprehensive service package that covers all of your machines, including non-IWM equipment.

Got a question about our products or not sure what kind of of machine is best for you?

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