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Pharmaceutical washing systems

As a globally recognised supplier, Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) is committed to providing bespoke pharmaceutical washing systems that promote efficiency and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our diverse selection of high-quality products includes:

  • High-performance bin washers
  • Advanced tray and tote washers
  • State-of-the-art vessel, bulk container and IBC washing systems

Each piece of our equipment is not just designed to clean, but also to assure stringent disinfection and sterilisation, ensuring your operations meet the strictest industry standards.

Uncompromising Quality and Regulatory Compliance

In the world of pharmaceuticals, cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about safety, efficiency, and compliance. Our washing solutions are engineered to provide comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of all components used in your manufacturing areas. From tube/clamp fittings, valves, and line components to containers, vessels, storage drums, tanks, and distribution crates, our machines guarantee effective and consistent cleaning and validation.

At IWM, we don’t just promise quality; we prove it. Our machines come with full process monitoring and a demineralised water rinse feature, perfect for operations in high-risk areas. Each of our machines is supplied with extensive documentation to guarantee full transparency and help you meet regulatory requirements.

Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future

At IWM, we understand the value of sustainability and its role in future-proofing businesses. We employ innovative production techniques aimed at reducing energy consumption and optimising the use of cleaning chemicals. The result is a line of products that don’t just deliver cleanliness and safety, but also contribute to the environment and save costs in the long term.


Customised Solutions for Unique Needs

No two pharmaceutical companies are the same. That’s why our design and engineering teams are committed to understanding your specific needs and creating machinery that fits your requirements. Our strategic approach involves the use of unique manufacturing methods, variable control procedures, and rigorous testing in our demo environment. With IWM, you get more than a machine. You get a carefully crafted solution that meets your unique needs, complies with safety standards, and considers the life cycle costs of the equipment.

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What types of pharmaceutical equipment can your washing systems clean?

Our washing systems can clean a wide range of pharmaceutical equipment, including tube/clamp fittings, valves, line components, containers, vessels, storage drums, tanks, and distribution crates.

Do your washing systems comply with the pharmaceutical industry standards?

Absolutely. All our washing machines are built to meet or exceed the strict standards set by the pharmaceutical industry. They offer full process monitoring and demineralised water rinse suitable for high-risk areas.

Can you customise washing systems to suit our specific needs?

Yes, our design and engineering teams can create bespoke washing systems to match your unique requirements. Our approach involves a combination of unique manufacturing methods, variable control procedures, and rigorous testing.

Do you offer after-sales support?

Yes, we provide comprehensive after-sales support both online and on-site. Our team is always ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products.

How do your systems ensure sustainability?

Our production techniques are optimised to reduce energy consumption and make the best use of chemicals, thus ensuring we provide efficient, cost-effective pharmaceutical washing solutions in a sustainable manner.

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