IWM Ltd is a leading supplier of industrial washing machines, including rack washers. Primarily in use in the food and pharmaceutical industry, industrial rack washers are the ideal choice for cleaning wheeled or pallet base racks. At IWM, while we have a selection of rack washers to choose from, we can also create custom designed machines to meet specific requirements.

Rack Washer Supplier 

  • IWM produces a wide range of industrial rack washers which are an ideal and cost-effective choice for sanitising racks in high-volumes.
  • Rack washers are designed to suit customer required throughput and suit the cleaning needs.
  • They can be available in standard floor-mounting versions or in pit-mounting versions that incorporate the novel sealed-pit technology which IWM has developed to maximise hygiene. Bespoke options are available.
  • They provide complete and effective washing, even for racks with heavy soiling, by using sustained jetting with hot water and detergent during the wash cycle.
  • IWM’s unique travelling jet system ensures that maximum pressure is delivered from the high power wash jets to all areas of the racks being washed.
Custom Washers

Custom Industrial Tray and Rack Washers

There are many advantages to a custom designed washing systems. For instance, one example is combining tray and rack washers. By having a single dual-purpose washing machine performing both functions, it would provide many benefits:

  • Space savings
  • Economy
  • Efficiency
  • Low environmental impact
  • Versatility

Most of a machine’s parts, such as pumps and heaters, are in use for both purposes; the cost of a single machine is lower than the cost of two separate units. In addition, there are even more cost reductions when it comes to installation. Furthermore, because only one tank of water needs to be heated, a dual-purpose machine is more cost-effective to operate. Finally, compared to two independent machines, one machine takes up far less valuable production area.

Order Your Rack Washer Machine

Are you looking to order an industrial rack washer machine? IWM will work closely with you to ensure you are investing in the most appropriate washing system rack washers for your application. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions. Call us on +44 (0) 121 459 9511. Alternatively, please choose from the range of rack washers below to view additional information.

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