Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Supplier of Bakery Industry Washing Systems

The UK Bakery market alone is worth £3.6 billion and is one of the largest markets in the food industry.

Total volume at present is approximately just under 4 billion units; the equivalent of almost 11 million loaves and packs of baked goods sold every single day.

Bakery Washing Equipment Solutions from IWM:

Baked-on clumps of dough and thick caked residues are difficult to remove so the bakery industry needs fully functional washing solutions. Thankfully, IWM has a quality design and manufacturing team that have produced all types of design/manufactured machines to take on any dirt/residues that may seem impossible to remove in a cost efficient way and meet the hygiene standards required throughout the bakery sector.

There are Three Principle Sectors that Make Up the UK Baking Industry:

  • Large plant bakeries
  • In-Store bakeries
  • Craft bakers

IWM has many solutions for the cleaning and handling of utensils and other equipment in bakeries, like baking plates, baking sheets, bakery trays, forms and bakery delivery crates . IWM machines can accommodate standardised equipment plus bespoke designs. Machines can be adapted according to the product type and capacity requirements.

Hygienic production, efficient handling and cost effective results are needed every time.


Our Machines provide cutting edge technology, economical operation and many options.

Such as:-

  • Jetting with hot water at different pressures to suit the application
  • Detergent cycles, re-circulated from a heated wash tank
  • Solenoid controlled fresh rinse (from mains)
  • Hot rinsing available via separate tank (s)
  • Tank heating by electric elements, hot water heat exchangers, gas fired heat exchangers or steam heating systems
  • Recirculated dryer for water removal of full drying of items after washing
  • Steam Extraction
  • Programmable Electronic control for a variety of wash-cycle phases
  • Temperatures and timing monitoring
  • Self diagnosing machine options
  • Other bespoke options

Industrial Washing Machines Limited produces a range of equipment to cover all the different sectors including bakery washing equipment and bakery washing machines; from multi lane high throughput washer/drying systems for the large plant bakeries to small cabinet washers for the craft bakers.

A full range of hygiene equipment is also available from IWM; such as boot and sole scrubbers, sinks and changing room furniture as well as a full range of industrial detergents and chemicals.

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