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A Conveyorised Design Layer Pad Washers, To Wash Layer Pads On A Continuous Basis. At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd we have pioneered the layer pad washers. To date we have installed systems for can pads (0.8mm thick), PET pads (2-3mm thick) and Glass pads (4-6mm thick). IWM also specialise in bespoke systems for other types of pads, dividers and auto-handling systems to suit.

layer pad washers - Layer pad supplier

Layer Pad Washers Profile Wash Treatments

  • Sustained jetting with hot water and detergent, re-circulated from a heated wash tank, powered by a 10Hp pump
  • Two stage brushing from internal driven rotary brushes
  • Sustained jetting with hot water to remove detergent, re-circulated from a heated rinse tank, powered by a 10Hp pump. Can be heated to 85ºC for sanitisation.
  • Solenoid controlled fresh rinse (from mains)
  • Full high pressure water removal.
  • Auto-stacking system

Full drying is essential on these machines, and all our models come with high velocity air knife total drying systems.

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Industrial Washing Machines are one of the country’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of layer pad washers. In fact we have decades of experience under our belts with hygiene solutions. As a result of this experience, we guarantee you will find exactly what you need with us. In addition, we will listen carefully to your requirements. After that, using our expertise we will work with you to determine the best solution for the job. All of our industrial washing machines are high in quality and sold at extremely competitive prices. We cater to a wide range of industries and applications. So, if you are looking for a hygiene solution that won’t let you down, contact a member of our team today.

We specialise in manufacturing a large range of industrial washing machines.

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