Fish Crate Washer

Fish Crate and Box Washing Machines

The active Fish market varies constantly from distribution of bulk containers and crates used aboard fishing boats and logistics chains, pre-boxed food in the local stores to fresh fish on supermarket shelves or independent shops.

Further processing of fish from simple preparation and packaging to more involved smoking processes demand the requirement for a wide range of products that IWM can offer.

Washing Solutions:

Specific Examples of Equipment Washed:-

  • Smoking racks/trays
  • Bulk containers – Dolavs and other designs
  • Salmon curing trays
  • Knives and other Utensils
  • Fish crates/boxes
  • Pallets
  • Boards

The fish sector as other parts of the food industry have to adhere to strict hygiene practices. It is, therefore, the challenge to meet these standards without them hindering the production process.

IWM washing machines will clean to the necessary level removing the ill smell caused by smoke, fish slime and scales. We guarantee optimal washing and drying results.

IWM equipment can offer various forms of water-heating, steam, gas or electric all of which are thermostatically controlled. The location of wash and rinse spray arms ensures maximum cleaning from all directions and angles. IWM provides many standard and bespoke parts/built in techniques to ensure full cleaning of the difficult residue that can appear in the fish industry.

The machines utilise various designs of spraying technology to maximise cleaning of objects and a wide range of conveyorized or cabinet type machinery to suit all applications and throughput requirements.

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