Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Manufacturer of Waste Handling and Bin Washers

Our Industrial Cleaning Equipment provides specialist solutions for working in sensitive and hazardous environments; where sanitisation, high standards of hygiene and environmental requirements are essential to our customers process. Our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff provide the right machinery for the most challenging projects.

IWM Wheely bin washers have been designed for the hygienic cleaning of all types of large food, industrial and medical waste containers. With programmable Control systems and variable settings engineered into the design, rotation of specialist internal wash jetting to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and sanitised throughout. Where wheely bins need to be mechanically inverted for washing, IWM have developed a robust range of robust, reliable and safe to operate bin load and unload options.

IWM machinery includes ranges to wash and sanitise Crates, Bins, Buckets, Pallets, all of which can be cleaned with our standard machines, but many bespoke options are available.

IWM have learned that efficiency and ease of use is vitally important if high volumes of work are to be achieved. IWM can provide high output along with best cleaning processes. Design is such that bins and machine are easy for the operators to access and operate safely. They are fully self-contained machines, which includes heated water tanks and and high powered total surround jetting.

IWM washing machines use only high grade materials and cutting-edge techniques based on feedback from the Industry and customers direct. Washing Machines are built to a high specification ensuring durability, performance, design flexibility heavy duty structure.

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