Hygiene is an important factor in many industries, notably the catering and medical industries. As a result, appropriate sanitation is paramount. Many companies and businesses working in these sectors will require automated commercial sanitising machine or conveyor. This is due to the volume of equipment they are required to disinfect.

Automated Commercial Sanitising Machines

An automated commercial sanitising conveyor or machine will usually either use heat to disinfect equipment, or a chemical solution. Our sanitiser machines utilise a specialised chemical solution to cleanse equipment.

Bespoke Sanitising Conveyor Cleaning Equipment

Furthermore, we specialise in the manufacture of bespoke cleaning equipment. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with a special purpose sanitiser if either of these two machines are not suitable. We are able to produce a specialist sanitiser to accommodate almost any object, and various methods of sanitation can be used.

Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Sanitising Conveyor / Machines

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of washing equipment and hygiene solutions. Our industrial washing machines are almost aways customisable too. As a result, you can invest in a piece of equipment that is completely bespoke to your business needs. We have over thirty years of experience in the industry. Therefore, you can rely on us for expert advice when it comes in your industrial sanitising equipment.

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IWM have over 40 years experience in the hygiene and sanitation industry. As a result, our services have attracted many high profile clients. Because of our experience and skill, you can be sure that a sanitiser machine you purchase from Industrial Washing Machines will be of the highest quality. Additionally, it will achieve the excellent results you require with every use.

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You can feel assured that the levels of service you will receive from us, will be of the highest standard possible. From your initial enquiry, all the way through to after sales, when you choose Industrial Washing Machines you won’t be disappointed.

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