Revolutionising Hygiene with Industrial Boot and Shoe Drying Solutions

Boot and shoe drying solutions

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are experts in crafting innovative cleanliness solutions, helping diverse industries elevate their hygiene standards. Discover our range of boot and shoe drying equipment – a key player in enhancing workplace safety and cleanliness.

Combat Bacterial Growth Efficiently

We all know that bacteria and fungi find damp environments inviting, making the insides of boots and shoes a potential health risk. Our hygienic boot and shoe dryers combat this risk efficiently, promoting a healthier work environment.

  • Two-Sided Dryers for Industrial Footwear
  • One-Sided Dryers for Work Boots

Experience enhanced hygiene with IWM – your line of defence against bacteria.

Expanding Hygiene Solutions Beyond Footwear

Our commitment to cleanliness extends beyond footwear. Check out our racks designed for Wellington boots and apron dryer racks.

  • Rack for Wellingtons
  • Apron Dryer Rack
  • Apron Drying and Disinfection Cabinet

We make every part of your employees’ uniforms hygienic, thus fostering a comprehensive culture of cleanliness.

Why Choose IWM’s Boot and Shoe Drying Solutions?

Each industry has unique hygiene requirements, and we understand that. Our solutions are versatile, catering to a wide range of businesses including factories, healthcare facilities, and more. Our boot and shoe dryers are designed to save time, maintain cleanliness and boost productivity.

Highlights of Our Boot and Shoe Drying Solutions

  • Quick drying times
  • Designs focused on hygiene
  • Solutions for different footwear types
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • User-friendly operation
  • Various capacity options
  • Customisable to meet your needs

Your Next Step: Invest in High-Quality Boot and Shoe Drying Solutions

Your investment in hygiene doesn’t stop with washing machines. Expand your commitment to cleanliness with our high-quality boot and shoe dryers.

Contact our team at +44 (0) 121 459 9511 OR for personalised advice on the best drying solutions for your industry.

Together, let’s create a cleaner, safer, and more efficient workplace.


Can these be used in the food industry?

Absolutely. Our boot and shoe dryers are designed to keep bacteria at bay, an essential aspect for any food industry environment.

Are these dryers suitable for healthcare facilities?

Yes. Our dryers are designed keeping in mind the stringent hygiene standards of healthcare facilities, ensuring a bacteria-free environment.

How long does it take to dry the boots and shoes?

The drying time depends on the specific model and condition of the footwear. However, rest assured that all our dryers are engineered to provide efficient drying times.

What makes your boot and shoe dryers suitable for the food industry?

Our boot and shoe dryers are designed with hygiene at the forefront. They provide quick drying to prevent bacterial growth and contamination, which is particularly crucial in the food industry.

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