Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are World Leading Manufacturers of Washing Solutions

IWM are suppliers of high quality washing equipment, offering a full range of standard and bespoke solutions for all producers of confectionery products, small and large alike. Our container washing systems are in compliance with stringent health and safety requirements. In addition, quality control is key to the cleaning systems IWM offer.


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Container Washing Solutions:

  • All types of confectionery container washing systems, such as chocolate or sweet moulds
  • Distribution crate washer and dryer machines
  • Cabinet Utensil Washers
  • Pallet Washers
  • Bespoke washing and drying systems for special applications

IWM machines can be varied and bespoke designs manufactured to suit specific requirements with many optional extras.

Suppliers of Confectionery Washing Equipment

Reusable containers in the confectionery industry such as moulds and trays must be cleaned thoroughly. This process requires versatile robust and versatile washing machines.

Cleaning and drying must comply with hygienic standards. Recesses, spokes, joints and gathering points can make cleaning and drying, sanitising containers very difficult. IWM also offer a range of special rinsing systems (De-ionised water etc.) for mould washers where required by the end user.

Industrial Container Washing & Drying Solutions

Pan washers and Cabinet washers are part of the standardised range of industrial washers that IWM offer to the confectionery industry.

Pan washers such as a PW56 include a hot pre-wash at between 50-55°C followed by a recirculated detergent wash at the same temperature. To ensure efficient cleaning of the weigh pans and ancillaries, the washing chamber is equipped with IWM’s proven and effective motorised TravelJet system, which incorporates corrosion-proof plastic bayonet type water jets or, optionally, stainless steel jets. The smaller compact CW13 systems have rotary hot water detergent wash jets and a guaranteed 85°C rinsing system.

The hot water rinse at 85°C is usually sufficient to flash dry pans – especially stainless steel types – ready for re-use. A full hot air drying system can, however, be provided where the fastest possible turn around is necessary.

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IWM Machines allow individual settings to meet the requirements of the user and throughput required by its users. Our design and development team have enabled functionality in machines that help encourage lowered energy and medium consumption, interchangeable systems to cover different types of containers and bespoke designs when required.

IWM equipment provides monitoring options to avoid unnecessary, extensive cleaning processes saving water, chemicals and energy subsequently more cost effective than traditional methods.

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