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Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Supplier of Engineering Industry Washing Systems

IWM has vast experience in supplying industrial washers to the engineering sector, from cleaning small machined parts to large heavy duty manufactured parts used for a variety of applications.

From propellers used to drive boats around the world to large industrial tubes used on oil rigs; most manufactured parts and containers need cleaning for safety, quality and aesthetic appearance.

IWM’S Full Range

The containers used to transport the parts are also subject to cleaning, and IWM has a full range of standard and bespoke solutions.

Washing Solutions:

  • Component Parts Washers
  • Air knife water removal or full drying systems
  • Box, crate and container washing machine
  • Chemical treatment applications post washing, i.e. rust inhibitors

Contaminants such as grease and oil are left on components following various production techniques such as heat treatment. Therefore, parts before and after assembly need to be cleaned. That’s where our engineering industrial washers come in.

Our machines as IWM conserve water and reduce energy consumption. In addition, they ensure the capability to produce a high output for aerospace, automotive, metal working and various other areas of engineering.

IWM utilises its vast knowledge and design expertise to advise on the best processes and equipment to suit various engineering sectors. Moreover, the design of the machines make them ideal for removing oil, grease and particles from interior and exterior of components.

The range utilises high pressure hot water and quality detergents to attain high quality cleaning. These machines include the following features as standard:

  • stainless steel pumps,
  • jet nozzles
  • heating systems

Furthermore, the machines can include many options such as motorised basket, increased sized pumps and alternative filter systems. Consequently, our industrial engineering washers are suitable for cleaning oil, grease, production residues and the application of anti-corrosion products. Therefore, we can provide any washing solution you need.

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