Welcome to Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM), your trusted partner in superior hygiene solutions for the poultry industry. With our expertise in manufacturing industrial washers, we are proud to be a world-leading supplier of comprehensive cleaning solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the poultry sector.

Poultry Industry

Poultry-Specific Washing Needs

The poultry industry poses distinct washing and sanitising needs. From egg trays, setter trays, and hatching racks, to various processing tools and machinery, cleanliness is paramount to ensure the health and safety of consumers, and this is where our specialisation lies. Having served the hatcheries sector for many years, IWM has developed a comprehensive understanding of these needs and has crafted advanced washing solutions to address them effectively.

Tailored Washing Solutions for Poultry Industry

Whether dealing with fresh or frozen poultry, whole birds or cut pieces, each production process requires specific cleaning standards. Our industrial washing machines are designed to cater to these requirements, ensuring optimal cleanliness for various stages of poultry production and farm equipment cleaning. All our machines are crafted with high-grade, food-standard stainless steel and offer complete support for bespoke design needs.

Sustainable Washing Solutions

At IWM, we are committed to delivering solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable. Our machines are designed to manage water consumption efficiently, reusing rinse water for pre-washing stages where appropriate. This approach significantly reduces water usage, ensuring your operations (whether in a factory, farm, or other site premises) are more environmentally friendly.

Our Poultry Washing Equipment Range

To cater to the diverse needs of the poultry sector, we provide a wide range of washing solutions, including:

  • Hatcher tray, Setter tray, and Crate washers
  • Rack and Trolley washers
  • Distribution Crate washing
  • Pallet washing systems
  • Bin washers

Additional Services

To complement our washing equipment, we also provide a variety of ancillary hygiene equipment, such as boot and sole washers, hand sanitising and access control systems, and change room equipment. These additional offerings are designed to ensure the highest level of hygiene throughout your operations.

Our Promise

We pledge to deliver solutions tailored to suit your specific needs and processes, with the best value for money. Our team also provides online and onsite after-sales support, coupled with a dedicated spare parts department. We offer installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of your washing equipment.

Upgrade Cleaning Operations For Your Poultry Premises

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Can IWM machines be customised to suit our specific needs?

Absolutely. IWM understands that every business has unique requirements. Our team is ready to work with you to tailor our washing solutions to your specific needs, from adjusting nozzles and other components to customising control panels and more.

Do you offer after-sales support?

Yes, IWM offers comprehensive after-sales support both online and onsite. We also have a dedicated spare parts department to ensure that your machine continues to operate optimally long after your purchase.

What kind of ancillary hygiene equipment do you provide?

In addition to our washing machines, IWM also provides a variety of ancillary hygiene equipment. This includes boot and sole washers, hand sanitising and access control systems, sinks, and change room equipment, all designed to ensure optimal hygiene throughout your operations.

Do your machines meet industry standards for hygiene and safety?

Absolutely. Our washing machines are made with high-grade, food-standard stainless steel and designed to meet the highest industry standards for hygiene and safety. Our equipment ensures that any contamination is kept in check, making it a trusted choice for the poultry industry.

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