Leading Industrial Washing Systems for Home Delivery Services 

The Home Delivery Services market is growing year on year and the demand for online delivery whether food shopping, takeaways, or other goods has increased as has the growing logistical requirements to support home delivery. The supply chain is vast in this area from manufacturers to the food producers, logistical transfer modes and storage as well as the Industrial cleaning functions.

Due to the high demand for food delivery slots because of the coronavirus pandemic, this has only further increased the demand on this sector.
The foodservice market, is evolving to adopt new technology and requires the whole supply chain to adapt. The sector has seen mass growth in the last year as new players enter the market and expand their offering to provide home deliveries or takeaways during the pandemic.

  • As the option of delivery options widens, delivery restaurants and channels must continuously innovate dishes to stand out against increased variety.
  • Food consumption ranges from world cuisines, but also focus seems to be on the increased availability of British food delivery.
  • All delivery operators large or small and retail brands that partner with them are prevalent now in every day life.
  • Mobile technology and associated Apps are making the home delivery service much more of an every day necessity rather than an occasional “luxury”

Technological developments are ongoing from the development of delivery such as robotics and drones. The Food sector have to invest in how they wash and sanitise other delivery and production vessels particularly in view of the recent COVID climate. IWM believe that this new normal is set to continue even after (hopefully) the virus subsides.

IWM having been serving the food industry for many years keeping abreast of current trends and food standards. IWM continually develop to meet advances in technology and to ensure best cleaning practices whilst balancing design to suit the vast demand in production facilities. Covid has increased online orders, and subsequent demand for production washing and sanitising machines to have greener practices from design to delivery. Facilities on customer sites are continually changing to accommodate centralised production areas so equipment needs to be more efficient and cope with increased demand as well as designed to suit ergonomically.

IWM create variable throughput systems dedicated to container or equipment parts cleaning.  Concentrating on improving our customers time, efficiency, compliance and money by reducing manpower needed by technology and good cleaning practices.

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