Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Manufacturer of Pet Food Washers and Hygiene Equipment

Industrial Washing Machines Limited is a leading company in the design and manufacture of washing and sanitising equipment used in the commercial pet food distribution, manufacturing and processing industry. IWM machines comply with regulatory UK and International food safety standards physical, allergenic, chemical and microbiological hazards.

There is an increasing market and awareness of quality pet food nutrition and balance, alongside the growth in pet ownership, increased pet insurance and veterinary charges.

Industrial Cleaning Machines in a wet food environment can be more involved and face more challenges compared to that in a dry environment. Other factors come into play when cleaning containers, crates, moulds etc. especially when taking into account raw meats, gravy and working with different types of materials to store food or produce the food. IWM machines are robust and adept at ensuring all traces of wet food and the various constituent ingredients are removed; sanitising the washed items to a high level bespoke technology to suit specific customer needs.

Dry food production involves a different form of washing, sometimes at high pressure, as residues can often be “baked” on, being Tenacious to remove in the first place. Further processing at heat may negate the need for intense sanitisation.

Whatever the application, IWM treat any requirements the same as a regular food factory for human consumption.

Pet Food Equipment Cleaning Machines

Working with the full supply chain from logistics to retail in the pet food sector, IWM understand the need for effective cleaning.  We are a nation of pet lovers and as such high standards need to be met.

The pet food industry’s regulations are demanding. Cross contamination is always a concern, so diligent equipment cleaning is crucial.

All pet foods, like human foods, should be safe to eat so cleaning in proper sanitised conditions with regulated equipment is important. Examples are canned pet foods that must be processed and conform to low acid canned food regulations to ensure free from microorganisms.

IWM create variable throughput systems dedicated to container or equipment parts cleaning.  Concentrating on improving our customers time, efficiency, compliance and money by reducing manpower needed by technology and good cleaning practices.

Items that can be washed to name a few:-

  • Bins
  • Crates
  • Ingredient Containers
  • Pet Packaging containers
  • Pallets
  • Drums
  • Racking Oven
  • Waste storage
  • VATS
  • Buckets
  • Pots
  • Cooking/Baking trays

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