IWM Ltd is a leading supplier of Dolav folding boxes and the associated washers. Dolav washers are washing machines designed for the fast and efficient cleaning of plastic Dolav’s /pallet boxes/containers. Also known as pallet box washers, they are designed and supplied for bulk container washing.

Industrial washing Machines produce variable versions of these washers both stand-alone (cabinet washers) or inline systems (tunnel washers). Furthermore, as with all our systems IWM machines take into account the latest hygienic factors and allow for minimal cleaning times and optimum energy usage.

Benefits of Dolav Washers

Minimal Energy Usage

The washing is accomplished by sustained jetting from rotating spray arms. Therefore, ensuring that the washing and cleaning of all surfaces of the items are effective. Furthermore, the supply of water is from a heated tank which is automatically dosed with detergent. In addition, to minimise water, detergent and energy usage, the wash water is re-circulated. This is via an efficient suction filter system that protects the wash pump and prevents residues from being deposited in the wash system.

Digital Temperature Controller

Customers may specify either steam, electric or gas water heating. But, in either case a digital temperature controller ensures that the required wash and rinse temperatures are accurately maintained with minimum energy consumption. Furthermore, detergent dosing is controlled by a conductivity-based chemical dosing unit that ensures accurate delivery and minimises wastage. For applications in the food sector where sanitising is required, the machines are fitted with a separate sanitiser dosing unit.

High-Grade Stainless Steel

Like all IWM washing machines, the new cabinet washers for transit containers are constructed from high-grade stainless steel. Therefore, ensuring a long life even in tough operating conditions. They have been designed to be easy to maintain and consumable spares such as filters are readily available.

Why are Dolav Pallet Boxes Different? 

Expert Washing Technology

To confirm that its revolutionary new boxes really do meet the needs of the food sector, Dolav teamed up with Industrial Washing Machines Limited (IWM), a renowned expert in washing technology.

Putting Dolav Folding Pallet Boxes to the Test

In conjunction with detergents specialist Holchem, Dolav and IWM carried out a series of trials. For the preliminary trials, the boxes were coated with a proprietary gel that fluoresces under UV light. After that, they were washed in a customised IWM P100 pallet washer.

After washing, the boxes were examined with a UV light source in a darkened room. No fluorescence was seen, confirming that all of the gel had been removed.

Real World Conditions

Subsequent trials were designed to more closely replicate real world conditions. The boxes were heavily soiled with a sausage, minced meat and mayonnaise mix prior to washing.

Furthermore, the results were assessed using sensitive ATP (adenosine triphosphate) detection techniques and revealed that all surfaces reached consistently achieved a “cautionary clean” or better standard.

When subjected to the same tests, conventional folding containers from other suppliers produced results were 10 to 100 times worse. In addition, in every case, categorised as “not clean”.

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