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DC20 Dolav Washer

A Single Stage Batch Cabinet Washer

The DC20 Dolav Washer is a hygienic single stage batch cabinet washer. It is suitable for Dolav Containers and/or any other similar pallet box containers, with optional pallet washing feature. The Dolav machines sustain an all over high flow high power jetting via IWMs ‘TravelJet’ system. The main wash is recirculated for maximum efficiency, as well as, a fresh rinse recovers to wash tank to maintain freshness.

DC20 Dolav Washer | A Standard Industrial Washer Machine.

The washer is typically floor mounted for washing Dolav boxes or pallets which are manually loaded. This is via rapid acting manual swing door(s). Moreover, a short roller assisted ramp is fitted at the in-feed and out-feed of the machine for convenient loading and unloading operation.

DC20 Dolav Washer Machines

The load aperture will be nominally 1000mm wide x 1,300mm high. In addition, the Dolav machines are manually loaded on edge for optimum flushing wash performance and water drainage. Pallets can also be loaded on edge via a pair of manual support guides. They will hold two pallets in position during the wash and rinse. As well as, provide a suitable gap in the middle. Therefore, ensuring a full wash coverage via the concentrated reciprocating high volume wash jets.


  • Operator loads items as described on edge into washer.
  • Operator initiates wash cycle at the in-feed side. This is via machine mounted control panel with the operator terminals conveniently mounted on the edge.
  • Items are thoroughly washed via our proven efficient reciprocating TravelJet wash frame.
  • Items are then rinsed again, via efficient traveljet system with mains cold water to remove any traces of detergent.
  • The clean items are then manually unloaded at the out-feed and the machine is left ready to perform its next cycle.

Traffic light type Red cycle running and Green cycle complete lamps are fitted on the edge of the control panel at the in-feed with the main terminals with a stainless steel remote station at the head of the out-feed door (where fitted).

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Minimised Energy Usage

Continuous jetting from spinning spray arms is used for washing. Therefore, ensuring that all of the surfaces of the things to be washed are thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, the wash water is immediately dosed with detergent when it comes from a heated tank. In addition, the wash water is re-circulated to save water, detergent, and electricity. This is accomplished by an effective suction filter system that protects the wash pump and keeps residues out of the wash system.

Digital Temperature Controller

Customers have the option of choosing between steam, electric, or gas water heating. In either instance, a computerised temperature controller guarantees that the required wash and rinse temperatures are precisely maintained while consuming the least amount of energy. Furthermore, a conductivity-based chemical dosing mechanism regulates detergent dosing, ensuring correct delivery and reducing waste. The machines are equipped with a separate sanitiser dosing unit for applications in the food industry that require sanitising.

High-grade Stainless Steel

The cabinet washers for travel containers, like all IWM washing machines, are made of high-grade stainless steel. As a result, even under the most difficult operating conditions, the product will last a long time. They’re made to be simple to maintain, with consumable parts like filters easily available.

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