Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) supplies a full range of hygiene solutions to complement its extensive range of washing and sanitising machines.

The hygiene equipment is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, but particularly in food processing where standards and compliance are especially stringent.

A One Stop Shop for Hygiene Solutions

We help our customers with their hygiene challenges by offering a full range of equipment to meet their, often, complex operations.

We’re a one-stop-shop for all equipment needs. From sinks, footwear and apron washers, to lockers and hand sanitisers. Our most popular products include:


Chemicals and Detergents

To complement our washing and sanitising equipment, we offer a range of specially formulated chemicals. The development of these chemicals were in partnership with industry specialists. In addition, they include detergents, descalants and disinfectants.

Knife Sterilisers

With equipment that sterilises from 3 to 60 knives, we have a knife sterilisation solution for your application. Our knife sterilisers use either heat, chemical, UV or ozone sterilisation. Therefore, ensuring knives stay hygienic in food production environments.

Boot Washers

Our boot and shoe washer/disinfection stations range from simple manual versions, to sophisticated walk-through models. Moreover, the washers can feature multiple brushes, automatic chemical dispensing and access control options.

Hand Sanitising/Disinfection

Our range of hand sanitising stations are designed to significantly reduce the introduction of contamination in to the production area. They do so through forced procedures and access control systems.

Furthermore, IWM also produce a wide range of sinks and manual stations. From simple single user wash basins, to special purpose sinks with knee or sensor operation.


We have solutions for drying hands, low level boots, wellington boots and aprons. Our boot drying racks generate hot ozonated air through the nozzle into the shoe. Consequently, offering fast drying that reduces bacteria.

Cupboards and Lockers

Our range of cupboards and lockers for washrooms and industrial environments are designed for organised and secure storage of various items in areas. For instance, in employees’ changing rooms or washrooms.

Custom Demonstration Area

We offer existing, and potential customers the opportunity to visit our totally refurbished demonstration area at our Birmingham headquarters. The area allows you to see for yourselves just how our range of equipment can help you achieve high standards of hygiene.

The new demo area has been constructed to represent a typical high care food industry washroom. Additionally, it is extensively equipped with machines capable of meeting almost every food industry hygiene requirement.

All of the machines are fully operational and can be demonstrated at short notice.

Contact us today to book your demonstration.

Additional Industrial Washing Services

We design and manufacture industrial washing machines and equipment to a number of industries. Including; the food, beverage, bakery, meat, pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics, waste handling, industrial and automotive sectors.

Furthermore, we offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke washing equipment, and hygiene solutions. These include tray washers, rack washers, pallet washers, bin washers, weigh pan washers and sanitisers.

Keeping your washing and sanitising equipment in good condition is vital to ensuring that they maintain the highest operating efficiency.

We offer a full comprehensive service package that covers all of your machines, including non-IWM equipment.

How Can We Help?

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