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The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance In The Food Industry

HACCP stands for hazard analysis and critical control points. It is an internationally recognised system that helps to manage food safety hazards. All environments which manage food should follow the risk management method but in particular, food processing plants. The thorough cleaning of food manufacturing equipment is vital. This is because of the evolving consumer demand for fuel food production and it is faster than ever. We are one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial washing machines. This includes equipment that facilitates the cleaning of food manufacturing equipment. Therefore, we fully understand the principles of hygiene in the food industry. 

HACCP | Cleaning Of Food Manufacturing Equipment

HACCP covers many different aspects of food safety but usually involves: 

  • Looking closely at the business practices and analysing what a could go wrong.
  • Identifying risks to food safety. 
  • Identifying critical control points that the business needs to focus on, to reduce risks or minimise them. 
  • Establishing a plan for in the event of something going wrong.
  • Ensuring procedures are followed and working. 
  • Keeping records to show procedures are working correctly.

The HACCP system requires food production plants to maintain their food processing equipment. This isn’t just the food processing equipment itself either. The principle also applies to food machinery cleaning equipment too. When it comes to maintenance, the most efficient food manufacturing plants opt for a combination of approaches. Such as preventative, reactive, proactive, and predictive. All of which have their pros and cons. 

Food Processing Equipment Maintenance

A food processing plant that has an effective maintenance routing, will ensure that operations run smoothly. It will continue to keep repair costs at a minimum, and downtime will always be reduced. Preventative maintenance is the checking of machines on a planned and adhered to regular basis. The purpose of such a process is to prevent costly downtime and lessen the risk of faults. By regularly servicing the machines, you can ensure that any faults are identified long before they become bigger issues. 

Preventive checks take place before the machinery breaks and whilst it is still part of the production line. As a result of the thorough and regular inspections, you can always ensure good food hygiene. In addition, prevent any contamination of foreign materials. 

Other Maintenance Approaches | Cleaning Of Food Manufacturing Equipment

  • Reactive Maintenance is a method when the equipment and machinery is used until it fails. This hands-off approach is used to keep maintenance costs low. However, it tends to be more costly in the long-ruin. Without regular maintenance, food processing machinery can fail without warning and have expensive downtime. If the failing piece of machinery is designed for the cleaning of food manufacturing equipment, then downtime can be even more inconvenient. Furthermore, you will need to find other alternatives to keep food equipment clean and meeting hygiene standards.
  • Predictive Maintenance uses advanced technology during routine maintenance to predict breakdowns. Factories can then use the information to act accordingly.
  • Proactive Maintenance uses a systematic approach that considers how to alter processes. Additionally, control problems that lead to the wear and tear of the machinery. 

Preventive Maintenance Procedures | Cleaning Of Food Manufacturing Equipment

Preventive maintenance is more complex than the methods that do not identify problems until it is too late. But, less complex and timely than predictive methods. 

Preventive maintenance covers aspects such as conducting safety checks. As well as, cleaning parts, replacing parts, and assessing whether there is any damage and if so, how to fix it. Here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we have a wide range of service options available. They will keep your industrial washing equipment at its highest level of performance. Continuing to clean food manufacturing equipment safely and efficiently. Additionally, of course, to best hygiene practices. 


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