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IWM supports the food industry during pandemic

IWM is proud to be one of the country’s leading component washing machine manufacturers. We are currently making special efforts to support the food manufacturing industry in the UK. This is during the Coronavirus crisis and will continue after. In addition, the company is continuing to offer a full service that includes repairs and supply of spares. We are offering this to customers across all industries, including the food sector. At the same time, of course, observing social distancing rules and all other safety guidelines. social distancing

Washing and sanitising equipment for the food industry

IWM has wide experience of supplying washing and sanitising equipment to food manufacturers around the world. We supply to businesses ranging in size from the biggest multi-nationals to the smallest independents. We have pledged to continue providing comprehensive and responsive support to this vital UK sector.

“Although they are under a lot of pressure at the moment, UK food suppliers are committed to maintaining the highest standards to protect their customers and their reputations”, explained Carl Hollier, Managing Director at IWM. “Today, arguably more than at any other time, food safety, hygiene and the prevention of contamination are paramount concerns. At IWM, we’re proud to be playing a part in making sure that requisite high standards are reached consistently and cost effectively so that food manufacturers are able to continue feeding the nation”.

Increasing hygiene and cleanliness

An example of IWM’s experience is the company’s longstanding collaboration with a business that is the principal supplier to more than 700 grocery stores in England and Wales. Installing our efficient and dependable washing machines has made possible the use of reusable plastic trays for deliveries to the stores. This is instead of using disposable cardboard cartons. The machines have enabled the business to consistently achieve the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness too. Additionally, they have been able to reduce their environmental impact substantially – which is still ongoing.

Among the machines currently on order from IWM are custom weigh pan washers. These are capable of washing and drying a full set of weigh pans, wheelie bin washers, cabinet utensil washers for use in the confectionary industry, and crate washers.

During the present crisis, we, as always, are ready to put its expertise and experience at the disposal of our customers. We are providing advice and guidance on choosing and using our sanitising solutions. Our team will provide support and advice for almost any application.

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