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New range of washing chemicals launched by IWM

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) has launched a new range of specially formulated sanitising and washing chemicals to compliment their extensive range of industrial washing machines and hygiene products. Developed in partnership with industry specialists, the PREMIER range of products is to be marketed under the INDCHEM brand and includes detergents, descalants and disinfectants. The products have been trialed and tested as safe for use with IWM traywash systems and suitable for applications in food, dairy and life sciences industries.

Washing Chemicals Range

Each product has been formulated to suit specific applications for example:


Premier CIP HW 

This is a blend of caustic soda, potassium hydroxide and a high level of chelant with excellent detergency. Its low-foam properties even under soil loading conditions make it ideal for tray or batch-wash recirculation systems. Regular use reduces the need for acid descaling, leading to water and energy savings.

Premier CIP

This is a caustic soda based product with excellent detergency and low-foam surfactants making it suitable for light & heavy-duty tray and batch-wash cleaning applications.      

Premier Multidet SMS

This is a non-caustic alkaline detergent with inhibitors making the product safe for use on soft metals and their alloys. With the addition of chelating agents and low-foam surfactants is suitable for use with tray and batch-wash machines.

Premier Descaler

Contains a blend of nitric and phosphoric acids formulated to be used for the rapid removal of inorganic mineral scale from insides of tray and batch-wash machines even at low temperatures. Scale free systems provide energy and efficiency savings and they also prolong the life of heating elements and probe sensors.

Premier Detsan

This is a quaternary ammonium chloride based disinfectant with an excellent broad-spectrum biocidal activity. It is suitable for sanitising equipment via spray-bar applications and for IWM’s range of boot washing solutions.


The Premier range of products are economically dosed via volumetric, timed or conductivity systems and available in a variety of pack sizes.

To read more about our available chemicals and detergents visit our website. To discuss your requirements and identify your ideal cleaning solution, contact IWM’s experienced technical support team to arrange a free survey on 0121 459 9511 or sales@indwash.co.uk. Online ordering will be available soon.


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