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It’s All in the Name! Industrial Washing Machines Ltd.

Summary. Bespoke washers for food production and industrial washing equipment manufacturer, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. (IWM), offers tailored solutions globally. Based in the UK, IWM customises standard models and creates unique equipment for diverse cleaning needs across various sectors.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. (IWM) is a specialist global manufacturer of a huge variety of industrial washing and sanitising equipment. We provide standard as well as bespoke washers for most applications throughout the Food Production, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Logistics sectors.

From the dairies in New Zealand, through the date farms across the Middle East, to virtually every corner of North America, IWM are there! Based in the UK for over 40 years, we alone have installed well over 1000 units in our home market and counting!

For IWM, it most definitely is all in the name! It is what we do – we wash!

Throughout all types of industries – food production and distribution networks – there are millions of different containers, pallets or vessels to be cleaned. For instance, Distribution Trays, Bread Baskets, Pallets, Bins and IBC’s are in use in food production. Moreover, waste transport, Smoking Racks for meat and fish, Weigh Scale Pans, Beer kegs and many more items need to be cleaned.

But, What is Clean….?

‘Cleaning’ can conjure up many different interpretations in the industrial washing industry. For example; it means visually clean, hygienically clean, dust free, removal of oil and grime, label removal and allergen control.

Satisfying all, or some of this criteria depends on the size, shape and design of the customers item(s) and the throughput required. All of these points are the starting point for any IWM project – ascertaining the customers needs, then offering a solution.

Tailored Washers to Best Suit Your Needs

Most companies that supply washing equipment around the world offer a standard set of machinery and options. Likewise IWM have a tried and trusted range of standard models available. However, IWM will evaluate each and every requirement and tailor any of our standard models to best suit the application. For instance, these modifications could be:

  • a larger pump,
  • additional heating,
  • tailored conveyor guidance systems
  • or specific jet nozzles in strategic locations to make sure the desired end result is always achieved.

Where a standard machine cannot be modified effectively, IWM will regularly engineer totally bespoke equipment to satisfy the customers requirements. For example, this could involve:

  • the addition of a pre-wash module to remove bulk debris,
  • larger washing sections to increase contact times
  • or special filtration systems to maintain water quality and wash performance over longer periods.

It doesn’t stop there!

Once the washing criteria has been finalised, any further customer preferences are also taken into consideration. If the items need to have excess water removed after the washing/rinsing process; yes IWM do that as well!

The same philosophy applies to satisfy any water removal or drying requirements. Certain customers may also specify certain makes of electrical components, PLC’s, motors or have installation constraints – where IWM are happy to work with our clients to ensure our washing equipment is compatible to site specific or local regulations.

Looking for a manufacturer of industrial washing equipment?

Are you looking for bespoke washers for food production applications? We commit ourselves to offering a custom solution to meet the specific cleaning needs of our customers. IWM is dedicated to providing the most effective and efficient cleaning solution. Whether it’s through modifying standard models or engineering bespoke equipment. Get in touch today to discuss your bespoke washer requirements.

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