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Industrial Washers Used In Every Step – From The Farm To Your Dinner Plate

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a prominent industrial cleaning machine manufacturer, specialises in providing the food sector, notably the meat and poultry industries, with essential food sector cleaning equipment. Ensuring hygiene and efficiency in operations, our comprehensive range supports numerous processes, from meat distribution to plate presentation, adhering to stringent cleaning and sanitisation standards.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is a leading industrial cleaning machine manufacturer. With over forty years of experience, we proudly work with a wealth of different industries. We supply them with all of the cleaning equipment they need to operate safely and efficiently when it comes to hygiene. Our industrial cleaning equipment supports many different sectors but the food industry is one in particular that we specialise in.

Meat & Poultry Farms

The meat and poultry sector has some of the most stringent levels of washing requirements. As a result, the industry relies heavily on industrial washing equipment. Starting at the hatching racks and egg trays through to the equipment needed to cut, dice, refrigerate and more, there are plenty of containers, trays, and utensils that will require cleaning. The meat and poultry processes have countless different stages, all of which use many different forms of equipment. Due to the nature of what is being handled, it’s pivotal that equipment is cleaned and sanitised to the highest of standards. Failure to meet these hygiene standards could increase the risk of food-borne illnesses, cross-contamination, and even disease outbreaks on the site.

Some of the industrial washing equipment used in the meat and poultry sector include:

With these automated cleaning systems, we can support sites in keeping the risk of contamination low.

Meat Distribution

Whether it’s fresh, frozen, whole, or portioned, the transportation and distribution of poultry also has to meet the demanding hygiene standards required in the meat industry. Due to it mostly working with raw meat, there is often the risk of bacteria outbreaks such as E.Coli or Salmonella. With this in mind, utilising the right machines with the right chemicals and processes is incredibly important.

Due to meat needing to be distributed in bulk a lot of the time, the containers used to hold the meat are often reusable plastic containers. Therefore, the containers will require thorough cleaning after each use to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. At IWM Ltd, we have a selection of meat processing plant cleaning equipment to support with this including:

Our wide range of custom cleaning equipment for the food sector can ensure effective and thorough cleaning to accommodate production requirements.

On to the Plate

Whether it’s a fine-dining restaurant or a quick-service establishment, the hospitality industry needs fully functional washing solutions to keep the preparation-to-plate process running smoothly. From the preparation of the dishes through to the cleaning of plates once they have come back to the kitchen, the hospitality sector requires machines designed with high performance and thorough continuous cleaning in mind.

At IWM Ltd, we have many different machines available to deliver full hygienic cleaning. All of our machines come with a range of conveyors, pressure options, various heat sources, filtration methods, speeds, and capacity choices. With this in mind, you can integrate a machine into your processes that truly meets the needs of your business. We manufacture our machines in food grade stainless steel which makes them compliant with all food industry regulations.

Some of the industrial cleaning machines suitable for restaurants include:

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