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IWM is ready for supporting insect protein processing

When it comes to industrial washing systems, you can trust Industrial Washing Machines Ltd to provide you with a solution. At the time of writing, the Earth’s population stands at 7.7 billion and counting – you can check the population clock here for an updated figure. Some sources believe that by the end of the 21st century the […]


How Much Does an Industrial Washing Machine Cost?

When customers first inquire about IWM’s range of industrial washing machines, the first (or maybe the second) thing they ask is “how much does an industrial washing machine cost?”. Sometimes, we can give a price for an off-the-shelf product, such as a small cabinet utensil washer (from approximately £4,000). However, most of the time the […]


The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance In The Food Industry

HACCP stands for hazard analysis and critical control points. It is an internationally recognised system that helps to manage food safety hazards. All environments which manage food should follow the risk management method but in particular, food processing plants. The thorough cleaning of food manufacturing equipment is vital. This is because of the evolving consumer […]


Comprehensive Guide to Cabinet Washers for Industrial Applications

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) specializes in high-quality cabinet washers, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. The CW13 EX BT cabinet washer exemplifies the best in efficient and hygienic industrial washing solutions, catering to a broad range of applications. From food processing to pharmaceuticals, our cabinet washers ensure optimal cleanliness and compliance […]


Industrial Washers Used In Every Step – From The Farm To Your Dinner Plate

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a prominent industrial cleaning machine manufacturer, specialises in providing the food sector, notably the meat and poultry industries, with essential food sector cleaning equipment. Ensuring hygiene and efficiency in operations, our comprehensive range supports numerous processes, from meat distribution to plate presentation, adhering to stringent cleaning and sanitisation standards.   […]


Industrial Washing Machines – Then vs Now

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd innovatively utilises advanced technology to design industrial washing systems, ensuring optimal functionality and customer experience. For over four decades, we’ve committed to evolving with technological advancements, from employing 3D printers in our design process to developing an online customer portal, enhancing efficiency in both our manufacturing and customer service in […]


As Good As The Day It Was Delivered – Machines That Will Last Decades

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a distinguished UK supplier, ensures optimal longevity and efficiency in stainless steel industrial washers by emphasising general maintenance. We offer robust refurbishment services and facilitate streamlined servicing via an innovative online customer portal.   Industrial Washing Machines Ltd have been one of the leading UK suppliers of industrial washing machines […]


From Small Bakeries To Distribution Centres | The Importance Of Sterilisation & Sanitisation

Summary. We are an experienced manufacturer of industrial washing systems, expertly crafts bespoke cleaning machine industrial solutions, ensuring robust sterilisation and sanitisation in food processing, from small bakeries to large distribution centres, safeguarding against food-borne illnesses and ensuring regulatory compliance.   As a leading manufacturer of industrial washing systems, here at IWM we understand the […]

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