Designing Industrial Washing Systems - Then vs Now

Industrial Washing Machines – Then vs Now

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd innovatively utilises advanced technology to design industrial washing systems, ensuring optimal functionality and customer experience. For over four decades, we’ve committed to evolving with technological advancements, from employing 3D printers in our design process to developing an online customer portal, enhancing efficiency in both our manufacturing and customer service in the realm of industrial washing.


At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, it’s safe to say that we’re not afraid to invest in our company in order to ensure it continues to thrive. This is especially true if we need to improve the technology that helps us design industrial washing systems, enhance customer experience, or create more ways of working for our team.

IWM Ltd was founded over four decades ago by the father of Carl Hollier who is the current Managing Director of the company. Carl spent much of his time on the shop floor working for his father and learning all about the machines that are now supplied worldwide today.

Decades later, the company has an unbeatable reputation for high quality industrial hygiene equipment. It goes without saying that the commitment to investing in the company in order to develop it has played a pivotal role in its success. Based in Birmingham but serving industries and businesses all over the world, IWM remains a company determined to lead the way in its sector.

Investing in Technology

The past four decades have seen significant changes and developments in the world of technology. From the way we shop to the way we manufacture, the day to day lives of businesses and their consumers are constantly changing and at IWM we’re not afraid to evolve with it. Whether it’s investing in the machinery to support our washing machine manufacturing or investing in digital technology to enhance the experience of our customers, we understand the importance of ensuring we maximise our capabilities and remain as efficient as possible.

In order to stay ahead of the game we have long since recognised the pivotal role that technology plays in all aspects of our company. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of this technology.

Design and Manufacturing

Without technology and its consistent advancements, IWM would not be the company it is today. We strive to remain up to date with the latest industry hygiene requirements and regulations. This is so that we can continue designing industrial washing facilities that truly support businesses.

During the design stage of our industrial washing systems, machines such as 3D printers and laser cutting machines allow us to achieve the highest levels of accuracy for parts. As a result, we have more flexibility when it comes to sub-contracting parts for bulk production.

Adapting To The Way We Work

We remain very open-minded towards the machinery we can invest in. In addition, we are always looking for new ways to improve and develop the production line. It was in fact our technical documentation writer who introduced us to the wonders of 3D printing. As such, we have been able to accommodate WFH requirements – in fact in recent projects some of the drawings themselves have been produced and printed by members of staff working from home!

Creating Better Experiences For Our Customers

Another way we are embracing new technological advancements in the company is through the creation of our online customer portal.

We proudly work with hundreds of different customers and their businesses every year – many of which remain repeat customers. When those customers are looking for new parts for their industrial washing machines, the normal process is very manual – and often timely.

Therefore, we recognised the need to create something more convenient and efficient for us and our customers. Our online customer portal will allow customers to access their own personal account where they can view documentation and records related to their historic purchases. As a result, they can quickly determine any parts they need without the need to call us or email.

Other important information which can be found on the portal includes:

  • Spare parts lists
  • Technical files
  • CAD drawings
  • Quality reports

In evolving our sales and customer service process to be more efficient online, we have been able to combat time restraints, missed servicing deadlines, and lost documentation – all through the power of technology.

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