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“The Customer Is King” – Tameson Parts Compliment Our Equipment

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is a top manufacturer of commercial washing equipment, including component washing machines. Their products meet diverse industry needs, ensuring high hygiene and efficiency standards. By collaborating with suppliers like Tameson Parts, they ensure their machines are equipped with quality components, tailored for long-lasting and effective cleaning solutions.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial washing equipment. Automated cleaning machines help businesses achieve the highest levels of hygiene, cleanliness and efficiency. Solutions such as our component washing machines support a wide range of industries. Industrial facilities rely on achieving optimal hygiene levels – from confectionary factories through to pet food manufacturing facilities. Here at IWM, we recognise the growing demand for safe and clean environments. Using our expertise and experience, we provide solutions that tackle common pain points. In addition, they will pave the way for long-term efficient and cost effective cleaning operations.

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Quality Industrial Cleaning Equipment 

Our industrial cleaning machinery such as our component washing machines, play an important role in ensuring factories and other establishments remain compliant with hygiene standards. With this in mind, we take our responsibility incredibly seriously when it comes to manufacturing the best types of machinery on the market. From cabinet washers and keg washers through to commercial sanitising tunnels. We can create bespoke solutions to meet a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Tameson Parts

“The Tameson parts we use compliment our equipment.”

Carl Hollier

Quality is everything when it comes to our industrial washing machines and it’s at the heart of everything we do. In order to ensure we can deliver high quality machines, we work with only the best in the business when manufacturing our products.

Tameson Parts is one of our valued suppliers who support us with some of the compulsory parts that make our machines run as well as they do. In addition, their prices are also extremely affordable, and the delivery times are reasonable. Specialists in fluid control, the company offers a range of quality parts – including valves.

Types Of Valves Used In Our Commercial Washing Machines 

Valves are a common component in industrial cleaning equipment. Therefore, choosing the right valve is pivotal to the operation of the machine. Some common valves that Tameson Parts supply include ball, check, and solenoid valves.

“Because of the motorised actuated valves, our customers don’t have to drain the tank manually. It’s automatically done, powered by the control panel.”

They are very easy to install. Most of all, the speed of the Tameson actuators is better for our application. Some of the valves we used in the past would take up to 30 seconds to open or close. Tameson valves only take about 8 seconds.”

Carl Hollier

Ball Valves 

These types of valves are in use to stop the flow of cleaning agents in the industrial washing machines. Ball valves are great when it comes to sealing. Additionally, their performance are unfaltering, even if they haven’t been in use in a long time. These valves are ideal for smaller high pressure machines – such as those for the hospitality sector.

Check Valves

Check valves are one of the most common types of valves we use in our utensil washing machines. These valves are one-directional and support with three main pain points:

  • Preventing contamination of cleaning solution due to the reverse flow
  • Retaining a vacuum seal
  • Protecting equipment from any back flow damage

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves are found in some of our high pressure commercial washing equipment. They help to shut off, release, distribute or combine fluids in the machine – such as cleaning solution and water. For particularly aggressive cleaning solutions, our machines will be equipped with stainless steel solenoid valves.

Getting The Material Right

Our commercial washing machines and other industrial cleaning equipment are fitted with components and materials that are chosen specifically for their machines. Cleansing agents play a huge role in determining the types of housing and seal materials to be in use, which is where Tameson Parts can help. Their experience and knowledge means together we can create expertly tailored industrial washing machines, that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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