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Purchasing An Industrial Washing Machine | A Streamlined Process At IWM

Summary. Purchase Industrial Washing Machine from top manufacturers of industrial cleaning machinery, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. They offer bespoke solutions, rigorous testing, and efficient delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and advanced hygiene solutions in various sectors. Contact for tailored recommendations and support.


Here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we are one of the country’s leading manufacturers of industrial cleaning and hygiene machinery. It’s safe to say that there has always been a strong demand for industrial cleaning equipment. However, the pandemic has highlighted the pivotal role that these  machines play in industrial and commercial sectors, particularly with food and logistics. We’re proud to have scaled our business over the years. In addition, have learnt plenty along the way when it comes to our processes. Now going into 2022, we are pleased to have streamlined our processes to ensure customer satisfaction and improved efficiency.

Ordering Your Industrial Washing Machines

Determining The Type Of Industrial Washing Machine

As world-leading manufacturers of industrial cleaning machinery and sanitation equipment, every enquiry that comes our way is met by a highly experienced salesperson here at IWM. Working closely with the customer, they’ll talk through technical specifications. This is one of the most important parts of the process because it determines exactly what type of machine specifications and technical requirements the client needs. Sometimes customers will know exactly what they require, other times, we’ll be working together to establish a more bespoke solution. Our team has a vast array of industry and sector knowledge. With this in mind, IWM will always ensure you are investing in the most efficient solution for the job at hand.

Choosing The Right Size & Accessories 

We’ll provide you with drawings, technical specifications lists, and a multitude of different options to suit customer specific requirements. From different sized machines, to additional accessories. For instance:

  • Overhead loading systems
  • Fans
  • Different dosing variable heating options. Such as, electricity, stream HPHW, gas or even left ambient where required. ,

At IWM, we can talk you through everything available to enhance the performance of your machine even further.

Testing Of Cleaning Solutions 

When it comes to choosing the right chemicals and dosages, we can test the cleaning solutions with the items that need washing. For example, quorn on trays. This is so that you can see what will be most effective for your application as dosage amounts may differ depending on the type of debris.

The Final Stage 

Once you have decided on the type of industrial machine (and any accessories and solutions), we’ll work on the full drawings and technical files for your review. After the approval of these, we’ll quote the entire order and then set the lead times.

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Project Planning 

The project planning stage involves many different departments including the sales and project managers, and of course the design team. We’ll continue liaising with the customer throughout this process to ensure they are kept fully informed of the progress. The designing and manufacturing is well underway by this point. After that, once finished, everything is rigorously tested to ensure the machines and parts meet the highest standards.


Delivery can vary depending on whether it’s a national or international order. However, our team has high levels of experience which keeps delivery processes as smooth as possible. We take pride in offering a full end-to-end service and are always on hand for any additional support and enquiries once customers have received their machines.

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