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Achieving Hand Washing Efficiency In The Workplace

Summary. We highlight the importance of workplace hand hygiene to prevent COVID-19 spread. We offer various solutions like industrial hand sanitiser stations and knee operated hand basins, enhancing hygiene compliance in various sectors.


The past two years have been turbulent ones to say the least. Almost all COVID restrictions in the UK have been lifted, and the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. With this in mind, preventing the spread of COVID19 in the workplace has never been more important. Here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we have seen our hygiene and cleaning machines being implemented into working environments for a wide range of sectors over the past year or two. Such as, our knee operated hand wash basins and PPE dispensers.

Good health starts with good hygiene and sanitisation. Therefore, with COVID19 being a fast spreading disease, hand hygiene has become more critical than ever. Industrial hand sanitising stations are key to ensuring effective hand hygiene in the workplace.

How To Prevent COVID19 In The Workplace

Working from home has fast become the norm for many in order to prevent the spread of COVID. However, many desk-less workforces have still had to work closely together, putting them more at risk. Do you have a business that requires your staff to be physically in the workplace? If you are, it’s likely you will want to know how to prevent COVID19 from entering or spreading in the workplace. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) proper hand hygiene is considered as one of the most important methods for reducing the spread of infections and diseases. With this in mind, it is important that your workforce stay on top of hand hygiene and cleaning protocols.

When Should Employees Wash Their Hands? 

So when must employees wash their hands? Essentially, employees should be washing their hands immediately after they have contaminated their hands. This could be picking up a piece of equipment and passing it to someone else. As well as, before putting on clean gloves, or even after opening doors.

Implementing hand hygiene equipment into your premises can encourage people to keep adhering to these protocols. Here at IWM Ltd, we have designed a range of different hand cleaning stations to support workplace hygiene compliance and procedures.

What Is Considered Good Hand Hygiene? 

There are so many methods flying around for washing your hands. So, you may be wondering what actually is considered as good hand hygiene? Generally speaking, good hand hygiene is achieved through washing your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. After that, thoroughly drying them. As mentioned above, in the workplace this should be completed regularly and especially after hand contamination. Washing hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser – containing at least 60% alcohol – will decrease the risk of any germs on your hands surviving.

Industrial Hand Sanitising Stations

We have created a range of hand sanitising equipment expertly designed for the workplace. Therefore, helping to enhance your hand hygiene compliance. From sanitiser units, through to access control stands. There are plenty of solutions to choose from to meet your industry’s requirements. Along with the industrial hand sanitising stations themselves, we also have accompanying equipment. For instance, PPE dispensers, baskets for paper towels, and our knee operated hand wash basin. We ensure that we can provide end-to-end solutions for your workplace’s hygiene needs. See our full range of Hand Sanitising Equipment / Disinfection solutions.

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