Manufacturing During the Pandemic

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd: Manufacturing During The Global Pandemic

The B2B sector employs millions of employees and is one of the largest powerhouses of the UK economy. Just like its consumers and the rest of the nation, B2B businesses such as Industrial Washing Machines Ltd has had to respond to the pandemic and the year of disruption quickly. This was in order to stay afloat in an ongoing situation, that has sent ripples across the entire economy of the UK. Here at IWM, we have made many adjustments to our working life in order to keep manufacturing our industrial washing machines. In addition, provide hygiene solutions to businesses and organisations up and down the country. The demand for cleaning and hygiene equipment was always high. However, manufacturing during a worldwide pandemic, continuing to supply our machines, was absolutely essential. 

Food Manufacturing and Consumption: A knock on effect

The coronavirus has affected everything in its sights. It has disrupted thriving industries, brought travel to a halt and severely impacted national economies. Naturally the impact on consumer behaviour and consumption has shifted. Because of this shift, the manufacturing and food production industries in the UK have also faced great changes. As a result of the lockdown, the UK recorded its largest fall in GDP (20.4%) in the second quarter. However, it also had the biggest rise in GDP in the summer, due to the “eat out to help out scheme”.

The shift in consumer behaviour naturally resulted in a high demand for machinery. Most importantly, to support the stringent hygiene requirements, within the food manufacturing sector. This started from large food factories through to small local eateries. From the basic washing functionality, through to the disinfection and drying of food manufacturing equipment and utensils. Our machinery was supporting many food manufacturing premises.

Meeting the demand for home cooking and deliveries 

Throughout the pandemic restrictions eased but were then put back into place again. Therefore, eating out was eradicated as an option. Consumers began replacing eating out with home cooking and food delivery services. The huge rise in meals being cooked at home lead to flour shortages, as consumers started home baking. Supermarkets struggled to fill up food shelves, at the same rate that items were being purchased. Therefore, manufacturing companies during the pandemic, were forced to quickly react to surging demands. Additionally, there was a significant rise in takeaways and food delivery services with Just Eat alone having a 33% increase in orders compared to the previous year. Delivery services like this provided food establishments a lifeline. They allowed them to stay open and make money during the pandemic. However, again as the demand for this type of food production rose, so did the requirements for COVID-safe premises.

It was vital that when it came to cleaning equipment, manual labour was minimised as much as possible. As well as the need to work in close proximity to each other. With this in mind, investing in industrial cleaning machines – that sanitise food production equipment to the highest levels – was undoubtedly one of the safest moves a food production business could make at the time.

Navigating Through The Storm | Manufacturing During The Pandemic

Here at IWM Ltd, as explained briefly above, our team have worked hard and fast to address the peaks and troughs of the food production industry during the pandemic. Whilst we are sure there are still plenty of challenges to face, we are proud of the challenges we have already overcome. In addition to the lessons we have learned when adapting to the pandemic along the way. 

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