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IWM Technical Writer Helps Move Forward To Digital Era

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd employs Stan McDonald as a technical writer to bridge design/manufacturing and customers. He creates manuals, drawings, and digital content for machine operation and maintenance. As a leading industrial washing machines manufacturer, IWM ensures high-quality, tailored solutions for diverse clients.

Helping Customers Operate And Maintain Their Machines

IWM have employed a technical writer, Stan McDonald. His task is to interpret and transfer information between the Industrial Washing Machines design/manufacturing plant to its customers. For instance, this would be through manuals, drawings and a variety of other media. After being researched and created, the information will be included online and/or file stored for cloud access. Moreover, it will range from initial specification, project planning and software tests to PDI inspection documentation. E-learning documentation is also produced to help the customer operate and maintain the machines they have purchased.

Stan’s Comments:

“With a strong background in mechanical engineering, design, and technical writing, I joined IWM in October 2020 as a specialist Technical Writer, responsible for delivering instruction manuals, technical drawings, and schematic diagrams for all machines.

I enjoy the role as it requires me to utilise my broad range of technical skills, get hands-on with the machines, and actively collaborate with all other departments. It is a highly varied role, as along with standard products, IWM designs and manufactures a wide range of bespoke machines, each requiring a machine-specific manual.

It is great to see all elements of the design and build of the machines being done in-house at our manufacturing facility in Birmingham”

Furthermore, IWM are continually looking at ways to share and digitalise documentation, currently working on Portals and CAD specific sharing.

The Process For Creating Documentation

  • Review the machine specification created by the sales engineer.
  • Review the GA drawing produced by the designer.
  • Generate a new manual from my generic template. The template is pre-populated with information and prompts. Also ensuring the manuals are compliant with the relevant standards and safety regulations.
  • Create any 3D models, renders, schematics, etc. Therefore, illustrating how to install, operate, maintain as well as, clean the machine.
  • Liaise with the electrical department to ensure all control function descriptions are correct.
  • Inspect the as-built machine to check for any deviations from the specification/GA drawing.
  • Export the full Bill of Materials from Sage. After that, create detailed spare parts drawings and lists.
  • Collate all relevant OEM manuals for bought-in machine elements, such as the dosing pumps, heater controllers etc.
  • Upload all documents to the technical file on the server. As well as, notify the service department that they are ready for distribution.

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