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Industrial Weigh And Scale Pan Washer | Designed To Eliminate Dirt Traps

In about 10 to 30 minutes, it can wash up to 30 weigh pan/scale pan heads, as well as radials and other attachments. The PW28E industrial weigh pan washer from Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) combines speed and convenience, efficiency and economy. All depending on the level of soiling and the wash cycle selected.

Easy Pre- Programmed Menu | Easy To Use

The machine has a pre-programmed menu of up to seven different wash cycles. They can be easily selected by the operator using an intuitive touch-screen user interface. Therefore, making it ideal for manual loading and unloading. In addition, the menu has a pre-programmed self-cleaning cycle. The programmes can be changed using the PLC control unit. Also allowing a menu of wash cycles to be tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

Industrial Pan Washer Provides Efficient Cleaning

A typical wash cycle in this industrial washer consists of a hot pre-wash between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius. After that, it is followed by a recirculated detergent wash at the same temperature. The washing chamber is fitted with IWM’s reliable and effective motorised TravelJet system. This includes corrosion-proof plastic bayonet type water jets. Or, optionally, stainless steel jets. Either way providing efficient cleaning of the weigh pans and ancillaries.

Minimal Running Costs

The user can customise the pre-wash and main wash durations to fit the type of weight pan and level of soiling. The washing processes are frequently followed by a high-temperature hot rinse. This uses water that is kept in an internal tank and recirculated between cycles to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. A recirculated chemical sanitiser rinse is another option.

Industrial Pan Washer That Removes Any Allergy Contamination

In this industrial washer, a dump cycle between wash/rinse or at the end of both cycles can also be programmed into the recirculation system. This removes any allergy contamination from the wash water. Therefore, allowing customers with extremely demanding requirements to meet their demands. The dump cycles require only 100 litres of water thanks to IWM’s revolutionary design.

Where necessary, a hot water rinse is usually adequate to flash dry pans – especially stainless steel ones – and make them ready for re-use. However, if a quick turnaround is required, a complete hot air drying equipment can be provided.


Industrial Weigh And Pan Washer

IWM’s PW28E weigh pan washer is made entirely of stainless steel to ensure a long life and clean operations, especially in high-duty cycle applications in hard water situations. Furthermore, the weigh and scale pan washer PW28E, like all IWM machines, has been meticulously built to eliminate dirt traps. In addition, provide easy access to important components like as pumps and filters. Therefore, making cleaning and maintenance simple and economical.

One manually actuated drawer unit, with a cantilevered wheeled frame and an electronically interlocked front mounted door, come standard with the PW28E. It has a central product support structure with 30 pan locators grouped in three layers. This is 15 on each side, and a mesh basket at the bottom that may accept radials. Alternative configurations and add-on options, such as dual-screen filters for high-soil applications, are available from IWM. Steam and electric heating are standard features on some models.

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