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IWM: A Father & Son Business Growing For 40+ Years

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, an industrial cleaning machine company in Birmingham, has evolved from a small family business to a global industrial machine supplier. Founded over forty years ago, the company has maintained its core values of honesty and integrity, ensuring a strong reputation for high-quality equipment. Catering to diverse industrial needs, they provide tailored sterilisation and sanitisation solutions, showcasing their extensive experience and adaptability in meeting specific client requirements.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is a global supplier of industrial washing equipment. Serving hundreds of companies all over the world, our company has built up an unbeatable reputation for high quality industrial machines. Starting out as a small family-run business but now operating as a huge workforce, our Birmingham based industrial cleaning machines company has scaled significantly over the years.

So, where did it all start and most importantly, what has made IWM a leading supplier of industrial hygiene equipment?

Where It All Started

The industrial cleaning machine company, IWM, was founded over forty years ago in Birmingham by the father of the current Managing Director Carl Hollier. Carl began working for his father at IWM on the shop floor. He spent his time learning the trade and getting to know the machines that are in use worldwide today.

After learning about the machinery itself, Carl then transitioned to a sales role. During this time period he travelled all over the country serving companies in need of industrial sterilisation and sanitisation equipment.

Rooted Values 

The sales team has expanded over the years to become a knowledgeable and proactive workforce. The team commit themselves to meeting the needs of different industries worldwide. Our approach to business development is to build strong relationships with the companies we serve. Therefore, by doing so, we are also investing the time needed to truly understand company pain points. Additionally, we are able to manufacture a solution that integrates seamlessly in their business model.

Retaining trust and long standing relationships is a priority for the team here at IWM Ltd. Despite scaling to a global supplier our core values of honesty and integrity still remain at the heart of every decision we make. As a result, our reputation for delivering high quality and reliable equipment has remained unaltered.

At IWM Ltd, we have the skills and experience of a large, well established company. As well as, untouched core values of a small family-run business. Consequently, with these things combined, we feel that we have everything we need to continue delivering the perfect end-to-end service to our customers for many years to come.

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Forty Years On 

Having started as a small business which has scaled to a company supplying worldwide, it’s safe to say that we’ve worked with our fair share of businesses over the years. As a result of this experience, the company as a whole has a highly in depth knowledge. In addition, we have great understanding of the sterilisation and sanitation requirements that companies and their industries must adhere to.

With this in mind, our proactive approach to these demands means that we can supply bespoke solutions. We expertly tailor machines to individual company’s and their needs. It could be a small craft bakery needing an industrial dishwasher to wash utensils and cooking equipment. Or, a large distribution centre where our machines are used to wash and dry three thousand plastic crates an hour. Either way, we can meet a wealth of industrial requirements with our industrial washing machines.

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IWM is delighted to have grown over the years with the expansion of its workforce and the introduction of new machinery to add to its line of innovative solutions. If you would like to find out more about the industrial cleaning machines we supply, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call +44 (0) 121 459 9511 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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