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Hygiene Station Machines Used In Many Industries

IWM (Industrial Washing Machines) based in the UK has a great line of hygiene station machines. They can be used in a variety of sectors. Food manufacturing and packaging, for example, as well as breweries, bakeries, confectioneries, and pharmaceuticals. Hand sanitising stations and combo treatments that deliver both hand sanitising and disinfection are among the items available. We also offer boot cleaning units with boot washing capabilities, as well as boot dryers and drying racks.

Hygiene Stations In The UK For Many Industries

The hand sanitising stations from IWM have been intended to lower the risk of contamination in production areas dramatically. From single-user wash basins to special-purpose sinks with knee or sensor operation, there’s something for everyone. Simple manual models to sophisticated walk-through models are available in the boot and shoe cleaning machines and disinfection stations. They also have several brushes, automatic chemical dispensing, and access control features.

IWM offers sensor-operated combination hand wash and disinfection stations with access control turnstiles to help ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained in demanding applications. These are made of stainless steel and incorporate chemical dosing and dispensing that is automated. Furthermore, advanced models keep track of the user’s actions, allowing them to exit only when the specified cleaning and disinfection procedure has been finished.

One And Two Sided Shoe Dryer

There are single-sided and two-sided shoe dryers for working footwear available. These machines, which are equipped with 2 kW heaters, utilise hot ozone-enriched air and drying temperatures as high as 32 degrees Celsius to achieve drying times of two to six hours. Temperature control and time delay options are offered on some models, allowing users to pre-program and schedule operations for maximum convenience.

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