covid-19 update

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update | The coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID 19, burst on to the UK scene in early 2020. A lockdown of most UK business’s followed quickly in March, including IWM. Which could have signalled a devastating blow to our business in terms of employee retention, production plans, cashflow and other operational activities. As key suppliers to the global food and pharmaceutical industry though, IWM kept a skeleton crew at our Birmingham facilities. What’s more, we maintained 100% service and spares departments fully operational for customer support. Whilst technical sales, accounts and management were easily switched to work from home.

Significantly, IWM has a strong varied customer base both geographically and sector wise. Therefore allowing us to pull up our socks and work hard on existing prospects and with our Agents around the world. From a potential 50% downturn in capital equipment sales; almost immediately, we now have an order book taking us through to next year. Sales are now back up to the level Pre-Covid and we expect Turnover to increase by 5% in 2021.

Due to the increased interest and concern over sanitisation we had a large influx of quotes over the last 2 months which has helped to bring the IWM order book in line with previous predictions. We are continually working the market and our San 100 Fogging Unit is just one example.

IWM | COVID-19 Update

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