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Keeping Beer Clean & Wastage Low

Summary. UK pubs waste millions of pints annually due to poor keg sterilisation. Industrial Washing Machines emphasises the importance of clean kegs to ensure beer quality and minimise waste. They offer efficient commercial keg cleaning equipment, including automatic keg washers, tailored to business needs.   Research suggests that UK pubs can throw up to 40 […]


New range of washing chemicals launched by IWM

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) has launched a new range of specially formulated sanitising and washing chemicals to compliment their extensive range of industrial washing machines and hygiene products. Developed in partnership with industry specialists, the PREMIER range of products is to be marketed under the INDCHEM brand and includes detergents, descalants and disinfectants. The products have been trialed and tested as safe for use with IWM traywash systems and suitable for applications in food, dairy and life sciences industries.

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