IWM the latest high pressure Fogging Sanitiser Unit

The Fogging Sanitiser Unit (SAN100F) are effective for administering chemical disinfectants or sanitising solutions to many items (even people!). In fact, they help to kill pathogens or prevent contamination from any potential transfer.

At IWM we have, for many years, produced a wide range of sanitising equipment for the food industry.  However, these products are now huge demand across the board as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sanitise Areas Quickly and Efficiently

The new IWM SAN100F is a versatile piece of equipment. What’s more, is uses a highly pressurised pump (60 Bar) and atomising jet nozzles. As  result, can drastically reduce energy requirements and water consumption. In addition, the SAN100F can ensure chemical applications cover all areas. Resulting in a thin coated film of disinfectant on all surfaces. Subsequently sanitising areas quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the SAN100F uses very high pressure to create a mist (or fog), which applies itself to the targeted area through a minimal number of special jet nozzles. Therefore, the sanitiser can reach into corners and difficult areas and may also penetrate porous surfaces. All with standard sanitisation practices on the machine and a powerful fogging system.

Safe and Clean Surfaces with the Fogging Sanitiser Unit

Interestingly, sanitising and fogging can kill a wide range of pathogenic viruses within minutes, leaving surfaces clean and safe for human contact. Additionally, it is safe to use in pharmaceutical and medical environments as well as food preparation areas. It is especially well known within the food industry. However, with the Coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing interest within the pharmaceutical industry, health service and even goods inwards areas of every business.

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