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Sanitising Tunnels | IWM offers sanitisers to suit all users

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has now updated and expanded its popular and successful SAN100e range of sanitising tunnels to offer ten standard models, including a new low-cost entry-level machine, thereby ensuring that there is a model that accurately matches the requirements and budget of virtually every user. All models are usually available from stock for immediate delivery.

All SAN100e models use the same chassis, which has hygienic bead-blast finish to ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance. Compared with earlier models, the new sanitisers feature increased belt width and tunnel height, and are suitable for sanitising produce in buckets, bags, tins and trays up to a maximum size of 450 mm wide x 450 mm high.

In all versions, the produce moves through a tunnel where a solution of sanitising fluid is misted onto the items from top, bottom and sides to provide complete and effective sanitisation. The novel tunnel design used in the machines ensures that the sanitising spray is fully contained and that, after use, the sanitising solution weirs to a central outlet drain to aid efficient recovery in recirculating models.

A choice of three conveying options is offered. Low-cost entry-level models feature a manual push-through transport system, while standard models offer motorised transport through the tunnel with manual loading and unloading. The third option provides fully motorised transport for all operations, including loading and unloading. Where fitted, conveyor rollers are manufactured from hygienic HDPE material.

For the motorised models, the jetting process is linked with the operation of the conveyor to maximise efficiency and economy. Users can set the speed of transit of produce through the sanitising tunnel anywhere between one and four metres per minute, allowing the sanitising treatment to be optimised easily and quickly to suit virtually any requirement.

Irrespective of the conveying option chosen, SAN100e sanitisers from IWM can be supplied in versions that use fresh water for all operations or that re-circulate water and use mains water only for make up. Re-circulating systems feature a low-chemical alarm to alert users when the sanitising agent needs replenishing.

SAN100e sanitisers from IWM are designed to be simple and economical to use, and to require a minimum of maintenance. They feature solenoid-controlled proportional injector pumps to ensure accurate dosing of sanitising fluid and incorporate bayonet fitting spray tips that can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement. The body of the machines is fabricated from corrosion-resistant T304/316 stainless steel, and their streamlined design allows easy access to all areas for routine cleaning.

All IWM SAN100e sanitisers comply fully with relevant UK and EU standards, and all are CE assessed and certified prior to shipment. The machines are supplied complete with detailed instruction and maintenance manuals.

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