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Boot Washers UK: Why Are They Important For Food Production Facilities?

When it comes to preventing bacteria in food production areas, nothing should be overlooked. There are many harmful types of bacteria that can easily be carried into your facility. For instance, Salmonella Typhimurium, Listeria Monocytogenes, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, and E. coli. An outbreak of any of these listed can have disastrous consequences to any food production facility. Alongside that, they can impact people’s health. Additionally, there could be serious legal repercussions for the business too. Therefore, boot cleaning stations are ideal to help reduce these risks.

One of the major causes of food poisoning from food production environments is cross-contamination. This is where bacteria spreads from one area into another.

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is proud to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial cleaning and sanitation machinery. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying hygiene solutions that keep areas and equipment clean. As well as, free from dirt, debris, and bacteria. Everything that food safety officers could be looking for.

Our boot washers supplied in the UK are one of the best ways to cost-effectively address the issues that can arise with cross-contamination. Find out more about keeping your food production facilities clean and safe below.

What Is Cross-Contamination?

Cross-contamination is the process in which bacteria is transferred from one surface to another. In the food industry, this can be bacteria from one food to another, to food preparation equipment. Or, to other food preparation areas.

One common example of cross-contamination is when raw meats come into contact with cooked means. Therefore, transferring the bacteria from the raw meat to a meat that is already cooked and free from bacteria. If that food is consumed, there is significant risk of food poisoning to the consumer.

How Can Boot Washers Help? 

In food production facilities, it is always best practice to assign different areas to the various stages of food handling and processing. Strict hygiene controls can then be enforced to minimise the spread of bacteria between the areas. One way to keep hygiene at its optimum levels here is to implement boot wash stations.

Boot washers will make sure that contaminants from the floor are not carried across into another area. For instance, the raw food from one area transferred onto someone’s shoes. Furthermore, boot washers help stop contaminants from the soles of people’s shoes, being carried into other areas of the food processing facility. Therefore, you can thoroughly decrease the risk of cross-contamination and food poisoning that is associated with this. Boot washers sanitise your employees’ footwear, and consequently, eliminate the bacteria that could be on them.

Boot Washers Suppliers In The UK At IWM

Our industrial boot washers have been specially designed to offer ergonomic cleaning. This ensures the entire outside of the boot is cleaned and free from dirt, bacteria and other residue. We have a wide range of boot washers available, all of which are equipped with specific features and capabilities. From low heeled shoe washers, through to multi-stand boot washers. You will be sure to find exactly what your food production facility needs with us.

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