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Crate Washing Delivered On Location – A Cost Effective Solution

Compact, efficient and easy to use. When you need a tray and crate washer in a locations where these facilities are needed for a short period of time our crate washers are a perfect solution. Our mobile crate washers offers a complete and cost-effective solution in providing automated washing facilities on hand.


Mobile Crate Washers

Typical uses for mobile crate washers are on farms during the harvest season. They provide additional washing capacity in food manufacturing plants to cope with peaks in demand. As well as, the provision of temporary washing facilities in plants where the main facility is being upgraded or replaced. The mobile washers would make an ideal piece of equipment for contract hire companies to lease out. In addition, companies or operators with multiple sites that may require temporary washing facilities or agricultural syndicates.


Immediate Despatch To Almost Any Location

IWM’s mobile crate washers are available in two versions: trailer mounted and palletised. The trailer-mounted versions can be easily towed by a car, van or tractor, and are also readily manoeuvrable by hand. The palletised washers are suitable for immediate despatch by courier to almost any location in the UK or overseas.


Effective Crusader Washing Technology

Both versions of the machine are based on IWM’s proven and effective Crusader washing technology, which is optimised to ensure thorough and dependable cleaning of even heavily soiled crates and trays.


Efficient And Easy To Clean Filter System

The machines wash by sustained jetting with hot water and detergent. In addition, a maximum economy wash is achieved by recirculating the wash water and detergent. This is via an efficient but easy to clean filter system. After that, a fresh water rinse is used, with rinse water recovered to the wash tank to reduce water usage from the mains.


Ease Of Use And Ease Of Maintenance In Mind

Like all IWM machines, the mobile crate washers have been designed with ease of use and ease of maintenance in mind. Furthermore, the washing cycle is fully automated. Additionally, an intuitive control panel provides access to all key operating parameters. All user-serviceable components, such as filters, are readily accessible. Also, care has been taken to eliminate dirt traps, which means the machines are fast and easy to clean.


Suitable Use For Indoors And Outdoors

IWM’s mobile crate washing systems have an IP66 ingress protection rating. Therefore, they are equally suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Once in position on site, they are ready for use in minutes. They only require connections to a suitable electricity supply and a source of mains water, plus provision for drainage of wastewater.

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