how much does an industrial washing machine cost?

How Much Does an Industrial Washing Machine Cost?

When customers first inquire about IWM’s range of industrial washing machines, the first (or maybe the second) thing they ask is “how much does an industrial washing machine cost?”. Sometimes, we can give a price for an off-the-shelf product, such as a small cabinet utensil washer (from approximately £4,000). However, most of the time the answer isn’t that clear cut. 


Buying an industrial washing machine can be compared to looking for a new car. You wouldn’t walk into any car dealership and ask: “How much is a car please?”. You would tell the salesperson if you’re looking for a sports model, for cruising on the Devonshire coast. Likewise, you would tell the salesperson if you were looking for a people carrier for the school run.

You would also tell them if you want an automatic, or a manual gearbox. You would also tell them your preference between a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine. As well, you would mention if you required a built-in sat-nav, and so on. 


So, how much does an industrial machine cost? 

Similarly, the answer to “how much does an industrial washing machine cost?” depends on your exact specifications and requirements. For example, you may be looking for a tray washer to sanitise receptacles used for transportation of fish. However, you only have a very limited space available.

In this case, the machine may have to be custom built to fit your plant footprint (maybe a twin lane conveyor for example). At the same time, it still needs to provide excellent cleaning to remove debris and pathogens from the trays. In this example, it may also not be necessary to dry the fish boxes if they are being re-used in a wet environment post washing.


However, you may be looking for very different bespoke cleaning technology if you are an engineering contractor, manufacturing automotive components. You might need an industrial washer machine that is designed to wash oil and machining debris from containers. This may include special detergent and dosing equipment, oil skimming systems to keep water clean and special filtration systems. Where containers are being used in such an engineering plant to transport metal automotive parts, drying may well be paramount to the overall project requirements.


Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Washing Machine

Crucially, the purchase price of the machine is not the only cost you will have to consider. Water, detergent and energy consumption for the duration of the equipment’s life are also important. Some models may have a higher first cost but save you money in the long run thanks to water recirculating technology or a superior energy-efficient design.

The output speed of the equipment is also an important factor to consider. This will ensure any labour costs are kept to a minimum during its operation.


When inquiring how much an industrial washing machine costs, it is worth considering all the above elements. If you happen to need a complete solution, but don’t know quite what it is supposed to look like, do not worry! The IWM engineers are experts at designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions that will work for your business!



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