Industrial Washing Machines Birmingham Reducing Contamination

New Range Of Machines At IWM Reducing Contamination Across Industries

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines in Birmingham specialises in industrial parts washers and bespoke hygiene solutions. Their expertise in customising machinery ensures client-specific requirements are met, enhancing hygiene and sanitation in various industries. Emphasising customer feedback and continuous improvement, they provide tailored, high-quality industrial washing solutions globally.


Based in Birmingham, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is a global supplier of hygiene and sanitation equipment. This includes supplying companies with an industrial washer for parts and other manufacturing equipment. Established over four decades ago, Managing Director Carl Hollier began working on his father’s shop floor learning the trade. By gaining such invaluable knowledge, Carl has carved out a company that has become pivotal for businesses and industries all over the world. Serving many sectors, we’ve established an unbeatable reputation for high quality industrial washers. Starting in Birmingham but now working on a global scale, our industrial washing machines play crucial roles in the operations of businesses.

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How Do We Do It?

With a wealth of different machines and equipment to supply, it’s safe to say that we are experts when it comes to achieving industrial hygiene excellence. But what influences the decisions we make? Here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. it always comes down to the issue and how to solve it.

As mentioned before, our reputation has been achieved through demonstrating a thorough understanding of the pain points that different industries can come across when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. Essentially, we get to know the problems, and then we design a solution. For us, we use both proactive and reactive approaches to hygiene and sanitation issues. Additionally, work backwards to create a piece of machinery that solves the problem. We then tailor the machinery to each individual business. Therefore, ensuring that it’s built entirely around the various requirements our clients have to meet such as capacity, longevity, and speed.

Developing A New Industrial Washing Machine 

Industries face new challenges all the time, and hygiene and sanitation legislation is an aspect of business that often evolves. With stringent regulations to meet, the need to invest in high quality industrial washing machinery is now greater than ever. Alongside proactively creating solutions to problems, we also use customer feedback and insights from the service department to constantly improve our machines. By taking onboard feedback and looking into issues that have arisen with our existing products, we can ensure that our next models are even better.

Bespoke Machinery Every Time 

At our Birmingham based company, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we believe there’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Part of the process at the very start of an enquiry is scoping out all of the requirements our client has for their business. By doing so, we can hone in on exactly what the business needs. Using our expertise, we can then tailor our machines to every individual business’s circumstances. As a result, guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction every time.

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