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Frylite cleans up with IWM | A Tailor-Made Industrial Washing System

We’ve recently created a bespoke industrial washing system for Frylite. Frylite provides bulk oil to bakeries and restaurants in the way of storage tanks or buckets. They also facilitate the removal of the waste oil to be reused for biofuel. The company has recently streamlined its operations with a bespoke washing machine. This has been developed and manufactured by Industrial Washing Machines Limited (IWM). The machine rapidly and efficiently cleans and dries receptacles soiled with vegetable, rapeseed and soya oils. It has replaced a time-consuming and tedious manual process. 


Investing in an Industrial Washing System 

Frylite have already benefited from an industrial washing system purchased from IWM. Having already invested in two other washers from us, Frylite engaged the creative mind of Mark Keating. Mark is an IWM Sales and Project Engineer specialising in food and drink applications. Together, they proposed a solution for sanitising the heavily soiled and difficult to clean food receptacles.  


Customising a Solution for Frylite

“We were using a manual process for washing and we were also drying by hand, which was very time consuming,” explained Gerard Lynch, Maintenance Engineer at Frylite. “We knew we would need a customised solution to automate cleaning, so we approached several companies for their suggestions and prices. Most came back with prices that were surprisingly high. In contrast, the IWM offer was well within our budget, so we decided to place our order with the company.”


“In making this decision, as well as the attractive price, we also took into account our previous experience with IWM,” he continued. “We knew from the machines we had bought from them in the past that their equipment is always well designed and that they don’t compromise on quality.” 


“The design and production of the machine took several months because we were continually making changes and improvements,” explained Gerard. “But once we’d finalised our requirements, IWM handled the project very efficiently and delivered our machine at exactly the time we’d been promised.


IWM provided Frylite with a tailored-made solution based on tried-and-tested technology. Constant communication with the customer and the ability to fully understand their requirements enabled IWM to deliver high class results. The industrial washing system is proving to be a real asset to Frylite’s operations, saving the company both time and money.


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