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Leading Food Manufacturer Chooses IWM Cabinet Bin Washer

Food manufacturing is a fast-moving industry. In order to remain competitive, businesses need to constantly find ways of increasing output. They also need to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality. This is why a leading provider of fresh prepared food contacted Industrial Washing Machines Limited (IWM). They requested a fast, efficient and effective solution for cleaning and sanitizing its 200 litre tote Eurobins. They also requested small and large Tonelli mixing bowls.

Cabinet Style Bin Washer Machine

The client first contacted the engineering team at IWM. They were looking for a solution that would guarantee superior washing of the whole of the bins every single time. The company also wanted to maintain and potentially improve its high standards of hygiene. They didn’t want to incurring excessively high costs for energy and detergents.

IWM suggested a version of the new EC20-30 single-stage cabinet-type bin washer machine. This innovative machine, which is the latest addition to the highly successful EC20 range, offers exceptional versatility. It is compatible with Eurobins as well as Vemag skips and buggies. It accommodates 200 litre and 300 litre bins without the need for operator adjustments. What’s more, the machine can also accommodate the small and large Tonelli mixing bowls that are widely used in food preparation processes.

EC20-30 Bin Washer

EC20-30 bin washers in action


To deliver its comprehensive cleaning performance, the EC20-30 bin washer machine fully inverts the bin or bowl. After that, it washes the inside with a high velocity rotating spray manifold. The outside is washed simultaneously with a full surround jetting system. The powerful 15kW pump fitted to the machine ensures that the washing actions are both vigorous and thorough.


Bin Washer Machine Ideal For Food Manufacturing Industry

The machines were ideal for this application because their flexible control system provides a high level of automation. It also allows the wash cycle to be optimally matched to the user’s requirements. Running costs and environmental impact are minimised by re-circulating the wash water from a heated tank. This is via an efficient rotary filtration system that reduces the need for water changes. This also reduces the cycle time allowing the machine to wash up to 20 items per hour. As standard, the machines are configured for a cold rinse, using a solenoid-controlled supply of fresh water from the mains.

EC20-30 bin washers are constructed from stainless steel throughout to ensure that they are robust and have a long working life. They feature a streamlined design that is hygienic, and also allows easy access to all areas for cleaning and maintenance. Based on proven technology, they are competitively priced and are backed by IWM’s renowned maintenance and support services.


Understanding Our Customers

“We were in the fortunate position of being able to fully understand and address our customers’ requirements for hygiene and safety combined with efficiency, flexibility and high throughput,” said Carl Hollier, Managing Director at IWM. “This customer needed a washing solution that would accommodate small and large mixing bowls as well as tote bins and tubs used for the storage and preparation of foodstuffs. With strict requirements to prevent cross-contamination on food manufacturing sites, all of the items needed to be perfectly sanitised after each use.”

“Our EC20-30 machine delivers on all accounts and it does so without excessive usage of water, energy or detergent. We were able to supply and install the machine within fourteen weeks. Since then the customer has reported increased efficiencies that send savings straight to their bottom line!”


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