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IWM Launches Bin Washer With TravelJet

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has launched a new and improved line of industrial bin washers. These are suitable for washing 200 and 300 L Eurobins. The EC20 comes complete with integral automatic bin lifting devices. It also offers exceptional wash performance to both internal and external surfaces of the widely used wheeled buggy.


EC20 bin washerCrucially, the latest EC20 machines are equipped with the motorised and unique IWM “TravelJet” traversing jet wash system. This delivers 100% of the high power pumped jetting 360° around the soiled buggies within the wash compartment. The travelling jet system ensures there are no dead spots when cleaning, including the troublesome lip and wheel areas.  The TravelJet system incorporates corrosion-proof plastic bayonet-type or stainless steel jet nozzles.


The EC20 with TravelJet is ideal for Eurobins as well as Vemag skips and stainless steel or plastic buggies. Where applicable, the EC20-30 model accommodates both 200 litre and 300 litre bins without the need for any operator adjustments. The EC20 works by fully inverting the bin and washing the insides with a high velocity rotating spray manifold. The machine simultaneously washes the outside using a full surround jetting system. Typically a powerful stainless steel 11 kW pump is fitted to the machine to ensure that all of the washing actions are both vigorous and thorough.


Long-lasting bin washers

We have equipped the new machines with a flexible control system. The system provides a high level of automation. It also allows you to optimally match the wash cycle to your own specific. Running costs and environmental impact are minimised by re-circulating the wash water from a heated tank via an efficient rotary filtration system. This can be fitted as an option that reduces the need for water changes.

The EC20 industrial bin washers are configured for a cold rinse, using a solenoid-controlled supply of fresh water from the mains as standard. Options for hot and/or chemically assisted rinsing are also available.

EC20 bin washers have been constructed from stainless steel throughout. This means they have a longer life. They also have a robust streamlined design that is hygienic. The design makes it easy to clean and maintain the equipment.

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